BlackBerry Bought and .net: Evidence for Blackberry entering Android market
BlackBerry Bought and .net: Evidence for Blackberry entering Android market

BlackBerry Bought and .net: Evidence for Blackberry entering Android market

BlackBerry once dominated smartphone sales in the days before regular people had any interest in them. Then the iPhone happened, and then Android. Rumors of BlackBerry is working on an Android phone are not new!! However on 7th July, these rumors hit the high with domains and registering to BlackBerry Limited!! Both domain names were registered at corporate domain name registrar MarkMonitor, which is used by BlackBerry / RIM. Since “Android” is a registered trademark of Google Inc. this may be a solid clue that BlackBerry and Google have come to terms for a BlackBerry phone to run Android?

BlackBerry Bought AndroidSecured

Given the fact that the Blackberry is struggling to keep up the competition, everyone knows their more-publicized efforts to refresh interest in the OS in addition of compatibility with Android apps. More recently they also loaded the Amazon Appstore on the newest OS versions. Also it was rumored that the company is developing an Android phone with a slide-out keyboard for release this fall. The two newly registered domain names by BlackBerry Limited may be further proof that BlackBerry will have an Android run device?

Rumor is that BlackBerry is releasing an Android-powered phone called the Venice with a sliding keyboard, though concrete details have yet to surface. An article on plays out that the phone will be called BlackBerry Venice and the article resembles that the phone is true and will launch in October 2015.The key selling point of BlackBerry, particularly in the enterprise space, has long been security. Dabbling in Android development and staking their reputation on device security makes the domain purchase look like more than nonsense, at the least! However, the company has been developing several apps geared towards managing the security policies of enterprise users for Android, so you never know.

BlackBerry may just be preparing to promote their software prowess outside of their own platform or they could be planning to make a fork of Android with extra security features. That would be quite the twist, considering the way BlackBerry’s CEO talked so dismissively of Android’s ability to protect its business users!! Or the firm’s idea to buy could be just some longshot or unclear idea. Along with domains and, they also bought which was a top-level domain in the past month.

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