Check Out The Best Key Finders Of 2020

 Technology is fast pacing these days. We have solution for every problem of our life, every small single problem. If it is your habit to misplace your keys, any electronic device, luggage, your phone, pet key finder is best solution for you. Key finders can find your lost item by creating a beep sound or tone.

Tile Pro

Tile Pro

Tile Pro is Bluetooth supported key finder with 400 ft. coverage. This key finder is best for its longest coverage.  

It is of 1.7×1.7 inch square shaped with a hole in the corner. You can attach it with anything through this hole. Just download the Tile app on your mobile and connect the key finder through Bluetooth. If you could not find the device the key finder attached with you tap ring from your phone. Tile pro has loudest ring option. You can trace the device location too from the app. If you could not find your phone, you can ring the phone from Tile pro. The app includes Tile’s Community Find feature which means you can search your device with other people’s Tile device within the community if you have completely lost your device or your device went out of range. If your device is detected by other device, you will get an update notification with location of your lost device.

The battery of the key finder is replaceable. The key finder is water resistant but not scratch proof.

Tile Slim

Tile Slim

Tile Slim is compatible with Voice Assistance with 200 ft. coverage. Shape of the key finder is slim like a debit card so it can be easily fit with wallet, passport, laptops, and phones to track.

It is compatible with Google Assistance and Amazon Alexa and recognize your voice command to find your lost item. Download Tile app on phone. Press the button of Tile slim to synchronize with the app. You can ring the item the key finder attaches with and find it out and vice versa like Tile pro.  You can also track location on map. This tracker also supports Tile’s Community Find feature like pro.

Main disadvantage of Tile slim is its battery is non replaceable.

Chipolo One

chipolo one

Chipolo One is compatible with voice assistant. This is super thin and has water resistance capability. Download Chipolo app on your phone and ring it to find attached device. By pressing a button of the key finder, you can ring the phone too.

The app sends notification when your Chipolo tracker goes out of range to remind you about your tracked device. This feature will be very helpful for you so that you do not misplace important device anywhere.

Battery of the key finder reduces quickly. This is the main drawback if the key finder.

Tile Mate

Tile Mate includes Bluetooth with 200 feet coverage.

This tracker is square shaped by 1.4×1.4 inches, with a hole in the corner for device attachment. Tile mate is synchronized with your phone through Bluetooth. You can ring Tile mate to find your attached device or use Tile app to find the location in map. This tracker also supports Tile’s Community Find feature like other Tile’s trackers.


Orbit key finder connects your phone through Bluetooth. It is a very handy and waterproof device.

Download the Orbit app on your phone and ring it to find lost device. You can also track the location on map from the app.

This key finder can click photo when it is connected with your phone.

It includes replaceable battery, but battery longevity is not long.



KeyRinger is a set of two identical devices. Simply double click on any of the device to set alarm on other.

Maximum distance between two devices must be 300 ft. They include a loop ring to attach key ring and a adhesive tape for direct attachment with any object.

Alarm volume is too loud. Battery lasts up to 18months and can replace it when it dies.

Esky Wireless RF Transmitter

Esky wireless RF transmitter

This is set of four trackers with friendly budget.

The set include a remote that communicate with the trackers by radio frequency with 100 feet coverage. The trackers have loop-hole where key rings can be attached easily. If you lost any element with a tracker press the matching color button on the remote and the tracker will ring with flash so that you can easily find that even in dark.

KeySmart Pro


KeySmart Pro is actually a key organizer. It can combine keys with USB stick, scissors, fire starter or pillar.

It can be connected with smart phone through Bluetooth. KeySmart Pro comes with built in Tiles Tracking features. Download Tile app. Through the app, you can ring the key finder or locate it on map from the app. It has rechargeable battery. It includes flashlight and bottle opener. It can organize up to 10 keys in a particular way so that you can find them easily.

Once you organize keys you cannot remove them easily. If you want to remove one middle key, you have to remove all keys and arrange again.

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