How to Come Up With a Fascinating Podcast?

Podcasting has become really popular since the world was introduced to iTunes and iPods. Sharing your ideas and your passion has become easier. You may have considered starting a new podcast but you just don’t know how. Well, this article will help you start your very own show or discussion that you can turn into a podcast.

  • Look for a partner for your show. There is nothing more daunting than presenting the different sides of a topic yourself and there is nothing more boring for the audience to listen to you making your own arguments. Having a co-host will surely spice things up. A great chemistry with your partner can make your show sizzle and attract more audience.
  • Don’t forget to start your show with a summary of your discussion. Having a plan for the show will not only make your show more organized but your audience will also know where your show is leading to. Don’t believe in a come-what-may discussion as it can really bore your listeners to tears. Organization can make both you and your audience have clear expectations for the show.
  • Engage your audience. Encouraging your audience to leave feedback regarding your show is a great way to make the show more interactive. If the audience feels like they are a part of the show or that what they think matters to the show, they have more reason to come back and listen again. Plus, reading your audience’s feedback is something to look forward to.
  • Spice things up with trivia and prizes. Giving away prizes for a trivia question is a way to make your podcast worthwhile listening to. Aside from the prizes, the information that they can get from the trivia is indispensable. This idea will work for podcasts on popular culture such as those talking about popular books and television shows because your audience would die just to know more about their favorite shows or books.
  • Consider a schedule and be consistent with it. It doesn’t matter how often you release your shows as long as you are consistent with it. It will have your audience and you something to look forward to. You don’t want to disappoint your audience by waiting too long so when thinking of a schedule, be sure you can keep it. The faster you can make your podcasts and release them, all the better it would be.

Then, make sure you record your podcasts clearly. For this, use a pop filter from Auphonix to eliminate pops.

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