Set Different Apps for Different Apps in Android

How to set different font for each android app?

Android users are baffled up for options when it arrives to the modification choices made available for their devices. From altering how the home screen feels by installing a custom launcher to utilizing various apps that substitute the practicality of reasonably any stock app, there’s a plenty of choices to select from. And once you are done rooting your device, the chances become numerous. One facet of the OS that non-rooted customers can’t alter is the default system font, but altering it turns out to be a breeze upon rooting. Nevertheless, altering fonts for single apps can be a immense botheration, also for rooted users, as that has traditionally necessitated alterations to the APK files of those apps instantly. Now, still, we have an awesomely simple manner to perform that, kudos to the PerAppFonts Xposed Framework module launched by XDA-Developers Senior Member zst123. So, let us discover it out in great detail right after the jump.

Look out our Xposed Framework lead if you are unknown with this awesome framework. That guide book also points the procedure of determining and installing Xposed sections. Once you possess the framework and the PerAppFonts module set up and executing, just launch the module just like any other app, and you will be furnished a listing of all your installed apps. The section arrives with some handful fonts very different but if you want to utilize your own, you’ll primarily need to include them to the Fonts section on your SD card. You can also alter the place of that folder by clicking the Settings button on
the top-right and choosing a folder of your own selection, as shown below. Whilst fonts can be employed actively, you will require to restart your system after including new fonts to the folder, or after altering the place of the folder. In the settings menu, you can also opt to set a font all throughout your entire system.

PerApp Font Changer

PerApp App

set different font for each android app

Now returninig back to setting fonts on a individual app, just click an app from the list and slide the Enable choice. You will then be capable to select a font from Default, Bold, Italic and Bold & Italic. To alter to a dissimiliar font entirely, click the Change Font Family button and select from the alternatives shown. For each font, you will be albe to view a preview that all the more makes the option pretty simple.

change font of android app

Android App ont changer

PerApp FOnts

After you have selected a font for the app, click on the X button in the top bar in orderliness to forcibly shut down the app, which is needed for the brand new font to put on impression. Next, click on the Play icon at the top-right portion, and the app would come up again, this time with the brand new font employed. In case implementing a font doesn’t function this way, go back and switch on the Force Fonts option, which might have few consequence on the execution of that app, but holds good for apps that demand fonts to be substituted at a much deeper degree.In a gist, PerAppFonts provides a very easy result to selecting custom fonts for individual apps.

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