Could this be the end of Computer Viruses?

While technology is taking over the responsibility of a man’s daily routine from tip to toe, one really can’t afford spending time worrying about the viruses penetrating into the system and wrecking the processing thereby creating havoc. A California based startup called Bromium developed a software named vSentry that can be used to perish the slightest trace of viruses. Thus the invention of vSentry became the mother of necessity.

Need Of The Hour

With the increasing cyber crimes increases the need of a much advanced technology to check them. Personal and secured information like bank account details, passwords etc being hacked can lead to a lot of damage than one can actually think of. Hackers release a virus to get into the target system and steal the information. With the advancement in the recent technologies hackers devise newer and better approaches to trick the users and make them fall into the trap even when the user is assured of his system being secured with the latest malware and virus protecting software installed.

How vSentry Helps

vSentry provides a Windows PC with a micro virtual machine that presents itself as a platform for undertaking any kind of vulnerable tasks performed. This virtual machine is instant as well as invisible which means not only can the user perform the task without making the functioning of his system slower but will also not be able to see the virtual machine doing the job so faithfully. If and when a virus attacks the system, it attacks this virtual machine instead of the system and when the processing of the vulnerable task is over, the virtual machine shuts off automatically thereby eliminating the viruses as well.

Problems with existing software

Since enterprises use more and more enhanced technologies, even hackers come up with more and more sophisticated attacks which the already existing anti viruses fail to detect. These attacks compromise with the operating system and intervene with the applications aiming at secured information theft. Mostly these attacks are evoked through internet, emails, likes of social networking websites etc. Hence no matter how advanced the enterprise is with its technologies all updated, an attacker always finds a way out to trick it. The existing malware protecting software detect the attacks after the system is already attacked thereby creating a probability of harm already being done before the user is alerted.

Security of the future

As seen earlier, previously developed malware and virus protections can only come into action once the system is attacked, but vSentry proffers a separate virtual machine that detects the threat before it reaches the system and discards it immediately. Thus a user can now only concentrate on the processing and deal with using the internet on daily basis without being bothered about the virus and malware as they are handled by vSentry at the background very efficiently and does not allow the malware to access any kind of personal information thereby enacting as an invisible shield to the user’s system.

Bromium’s vSentry intensifies the mode of protection allowing a user or an enterprise to vanquish the most sophisticated techniques devised by the attackers, thereby throwing light on an absolutely new dimension of attack origins,techniques and targets. Vsentry makes clicking on unknown links coming from unreliable sources risk free and allows the user to use the internet minus the stress of being attacked by a VIRUS!!!

Aurisha Sengupta is a Software Engineer. Apart from technology, she is an insatiable art lover and a perpetual student when it comes to knowledge in any form.