How To Create a Poll On your Instagram Story?

Instagram has added a new enhancements to Instagram story feature. Insertion of images on another image, GIF, hastags, polls are new additions to the feature and are well appreciated by users. To access this feature, all you need to do is update your Instagram app. The feature has rolled out for both Android and iOS. Once you’ve updated it, you can create a Poll and impose it to your Instagram story.

The process of creating a Poll or vote for your Instagram story is very simple. Create a new story and then swipe your finger from bottom to top. You will find a number of options in the form of stickers. Choose the Poll option. You will be provided with a text field to enter the question, there will be two options only- yes and no. Your poll can be related to your image or something else. You can move the field around, and pinch to resize them. Tap the Share button and share the photo in your story, or send it to a friend. The feature is very interesting and helps you recreate your stories with more personalization and fun.

Steps To Insert An Image Taken From Camera on Your Instagram Story

1. Open your Instagram app and go to your Profile tab.
2. Now tap on your Profile image to add a new Instagram story.
3. Add an image or capture a shot from Instagram’s camera.

4. Now swipe your finger from bottom to top direction as shown with an arrow in the screenshot below to open the edit features.

create a poll on instagram story

5. Now select the POLL icon.

create a poll on instagram story

6. Type your question. You can move the Poll space from one place to another using your finger.

create a poll on instagram story

7. Click on Send To.

create a poll on instagram story

8. Add to your Instagram story. That’s all!

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