Galaxy Note 4 image leaked
Galaxy Note 4 image leaked

Debut images of Galaxy Note 4 leaked

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 news and leaks are selling like hot cakes and now what we get hold of, is these leaked images of the device. The phone shown in the leaked images has a metal frame similar to that of Android Alpha. The images were sent to GSM Arena by an unknown source. The main eye-catching aspect of the phone is definitely its metal frame going all around the edge of the phone and the plastic inserts. The image has not been confirmed if they are of the original Galaxy Note 4. So we are not guaranteeing its authenticity.

Debut images of Galaxy Note 4 lekaed

The bottom edge of the phone shows up a micro USB 3.0 port, a speaker grille and an S Pen slot. Besides the image shows plastic inserts that resemble antenna. The purpose is probably reception of electromagnetic signals. The images bear a lot of similarities with Galaxy Alpha. The plastic texture, squared off camera and LED/heart rate sensor module are same as that of Galaxy Alpha.

Galaxy Note 4 leaked images

The handset thankfully does not include the out dated stitching of Note 3. Note 4 is expected to have 5.7-inch 2560 x 1440 pixel AMOLED display. Well, as of now we can’t assure you if the images are really those of Galaxy Note 4, but will surely keep you updated with more news. Till then, share your views with us.

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