How to Disable Comments on Instagram Posts in iOS?

Instagram is one of the top photo sharing apps in the internet. When we post something, our friends, acquaintances and other people comment on our posts. There are several posts that are very special to us and we don’t want others to comment on it. How can we stop people from commenting on them? Yes, we can. Instagram has provided an option to turn off commenting. You can do it either before posting something or after you have posted something.

The following tutorial will help you disable comments on Instagram posts in iOS. The tutorial will also show you how to enable commenting back on the post, in case you want.

Steps to Disable Comments on Instagram Posts in iOS

1. Open Instagram, click on the Plus sign to upload a new Post.


2. Now choose a photo, video, capture a snap, edit filters, and then when the post page appears, click on Advanced Settings.


4. You will be redirected to a new page, where an option will be there, “Turn Off Commenting”.


5. If you want to turn off commenting on your Instagram post, enable the option “Turn Off Commenting” by moving the slider to the right. This step enables you to turn off commenting before posting something.


6. If you have posted something, and then decided to turn off commenting on that post, you can do it easily. Open the post, click on the three dots located at the top right corner of the post.


7. Now select “Turn off commenting”.


8. Comment option will be removed from the post.

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9. If you want to get back comment section from that post, tap on the three dots again, and select Turn On Commenting. That’s all!

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