Software Review: DRmare Audio Converter for Mac

What is DRM?

DRM is the acronym for Digital Rights Management. It is a set of protocols and security features that Apple devices bind their content with. All media files of iTunes, App Store that you purchase are protected by DRM so that they cannot be used by anyone else other than you. From security point of view, DRM is an amazing move to prevent piracy, mishandling of copyrighted media and help video creators to get their due credits for creativity. Third parties can never alter, change any of DRM protected contents. This is a great security measure for content creators and corporate houses but overall, the utility of DRM service is a bit ambiguous. There is a lot of confusion on how DRM protects copyrights. A  commendable set of engineers and developers have tested DRM access controls and confirmed that it cannot be said with surety that DRM protects software and content copyrights. Rather, it creates a havoc on users and refrains them from enjoying their purchased content on some other platforms. For example, you have purchased movies and songs on iTunes. You also have a high end Android handset where you want to listen to the same songs. Will it be economic to purchase the same songs and movies separately for the Android devices? Definitely not. But with DRM, you will have no other option left. Again, if DRM is discontinued any day for any reason, then most of the media files will become non functional.

Due to all these anomalies and clash of arguments, DRM is not universally accepted. Hence, removing DRM is not illegal.  In this article, we shall talk about a DRM removal software, the Mac version. It is DRmare Audio COnverter for Mac. Let’s talk about the important features of the software application.

Salient Features of DRmare Audio Converter for Mac

  1. It can invariably remove DRM from a plethora of audio file types for Apple such as Apple Music, iTunes M4P songs, and Audible AA, AAX audiobooks, etc.
  2. DRmare Audio converter adopts the latest decryption algorithms for removing DRM protection. It decrypts and batch extracts the audio files.
  3. The DRM removal process is 10 times faster than all the competitor applications.
  4. The original quality is kept intact hence the process yields 100% lossless output format for Audible AA, AAX audiobooks.
  5. The application keeps the  ID3 tags intact and thus the actual information like date of creation, artists, size, date of creation, genre, etc can be accessed from the output files as well. It also comes with an embedded ID editor.  In case, the ID3 tags are not rightly tagged, you can edit it and set the actual one.
  6. It can readily convert Apple audio formats Apple Music M4P, iTunes M4B, Audible AA, AAX to all universal formats such as MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, WAV, and M4B in a jiffy.
  7. As the DRM is removed from the audio files, you can share the content with all your devices of any platforms.

Installation and Basic User Guide

  1. First download the DRmare Audio Converter for Mac.  Download the Mac version. When the .dmg file is downloaded run the file, tap on it. Drag and drop it in the Applications folder as shown in the screenshot.
  2. Accept the terms and conditions. Now, drag the file and drop it in the Applications folder. That’s all.
    drmare for mac
  3. When the downloaded file is moved to the Applications folder, you can open the app from the Launchpad. As the app opens, you will find a UI as this. You can drag and drop audio files into it.  
    drmare user interface
  4. The application will prompt you to sign in to your iTunes device. The songs list will load when you tap on it.       
    drmare Mac load songs
  5. You can edit the output file location, change the format settings to MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, M4B, etc. When you set all the format settings, you can simply click on the conversion button.                                              
    DRMare Mac
  6. It also enables you to check the history of converted files for your own convenience.    


The software application is extremely sophisticated from developer end as well as user end. It is well crafted, aids lossless yet fast conversions, with ample features to meet your needs. It is flexible and available for two major PC platforms, macOS and Windows OS. From user point of view, DRmare Audio Converter is easy to install. The options and menu are easy to understand for any novice users. Overall, the application is a great combination of features and transparency.

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