Katsu paints Eric Schmidt with his own poop
Katsu paints Eric Schmidt with his own poop

Drone Painter Katsu draws sketch of Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, with his own feces

This is the most bizarre news right now. Art lets our spirit free and help us to indulge in creativity but this drone painter, named Katsu, took painting to a whole new level by recycling and using his own feces in painting portraits. He used his own feces to paint the portrait of Google Chairman and and Ex CEO Eric Schmidt and named it “Eric Shit”. News channel TechCrunch took an exclusive interview of drone painter Katsu and asked him about his most shocking Shithead art series. Katsu said he used real human-poop or feces, whatever you call, to paint thus images.

Katsu paints Eric Schmidt with poop

Few months back, we saw how Microsoft’s ex CEO Bill Gates made this amazing omniprocessor that can convert human excreta to electricity and drinking water. However shocking it might sound, but the omniprocessor will be able to solve a big problem of water and electricity crisis in many parts of the world.

Katsu also has a similar vision. According to him, human body fluid like sperm, blood, feces can be good pigments that can be used for painting. Katsu says:

I like getting my hands dirty. I was thinking about the human body removed from all art mediums. I was thinking, what is the human body capable of producing pigment-wise? You can use blood, feces, semen and urine. If you just stripped away and removed humans from everything and all technological devices, what could the body naturally produce?

Katsu thinks that the present big software giants are controlling the whole world slowly. So he remarked, “These titans of the cloud, are like, basically in competition to control every bit of granular data about individuals. That’s what makes their companies so powerful. They understand that human data has this immense value and they’re shielding and hiding that from the public. Maybe feces is the last thing that they could possibly control.”

You can check more about his artworks from F.A.T Lab.

Read the entire interview of Katsu with TechCrunch here.

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