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Facebook Launches Snapchat Like AR Games In Its Messenger App

AR games in Messenger

Facebook is once again following the footsteps of Snapchat and introduced the Augmented Reality (AR) games in its Messenger Platform. This game can be played among 6 friends in Facebook Messenger during video chats. ^ people can play together and compete each other in real time while the video call is on-going. The new game that has been launched in Messenger is called “Don’t Smile and Asteroid Attack”. This game asks the player to steer a spaceship by movement of head. The competition is among the players, who can do the function in a better way than the other.

Facebook has adapted almost all features of Snapchat, like Stories, Face mask filters, etc. Months back, Snapchat launched AR games like Snappables. As of now only a single game is launched in Facebook Messenger. But don’t worry, a pool of new games will be rolling out. The new games on the upcoming list are beach ball passing game, Beach Bump, Kitten Kraze which is a matching cat game. All these games require your smartphone’s front camera and obviously your face. Snap Inc. is now adumbrating plans to launch their own game platform. It’s not wrong to guess that Facebook might also end up doing the same.

let’s see what new games come up to Facebook and Snapchat. Till then enjoy the games on the respective platform and let us know which one you like the most.

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