Facebook's Internet.Org does not violate net neutrality, says Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook's Internet.Org does not violate net neutrality, says Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook’s Internet.Org does not violate net neutrality, says Mark Zuckerberg

There have been thousands of questions and criticisms regarding Facebook Inc’s internet.org and the CEO of the Social Media giant Mark Zuckerberg has finally opened up his opinion. He defended the motive behind internet.org as providing universal access to internet across the globe. Mark Zuckerberg gave an interview recently to the Vanity Fair New Summit where he said that giving access to internet to all users across the world is the most challenging task right at the moment. But internet.org has been criticised by many spheres and Mark Zuckerberg thinks that criticism is ought to happen behind every impactful action.

Facebook Internet.Org does not violate net neutrality says Mark Zuckerberg

The internet.org comes to mobile users using a particular carrier provider in the form of an app. After repeated protests, the name has been changed from Internet.org to Free Basics. In a two day conference hosted by Vanity fair, Mark Zuckerberg told that internet.org does not violate net neutrality. The Free Basics app, formerly called Internet.org app, gives access to Facebook, Wikipedia and some basic utility websites that may be helpful for students of developing nations.

But Facebook CEO do not call it partial. “If an operator wants to advantage their own video program and charge more for Netflix NFLX, then that is bad,” he said. But, “if you’re a student in India and you’re getting access to some basic tools to do your homework for free and you can learn some more, it’s really hard to see how that is hurting anyone.”

Mark Zuckerberg recently visited India to attend a conference. Facebook has devoted a lot of capital and time in providing internet access to people in remote areas of India. In order to feel the problem of people from these areas, Facebook has also started the 2G Tuesdays where employees will get to use 2G connection every Tuesday for one hour. Facebook has studied hard and delivering connectivity to remote areas of India through internet.org. His Facebook Inc is one the pillars of Digital India propaganda.

“If you ask people in the developing world, Facebook is the number one reason why a lot of people get access to the Internet,” Mark Zuckerberg said. “Staying in touch with people is the most fundamental thing that people do. So it’s not a surprise that after being able to call people and text people, the next thing they want to do is keep in touch with everyone they care about at once.”

Source: Wall Street Journal

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