FOCI: Upgrade Your Skill Of Deep Focus With This Game Changer Gadget

Few days back, I received a gadget called FOCI. It demands to improve your focus and eliminate distraction. So, I used the device for some weeks and here I am writing the review of the device. FOCI is a wearable device, which deploys artificial intelligence and machine learning and aims to improve your concentration in the long run. We all have fallen prey of the engulfing blackhole of social media and smartphone addiction, irrespective of age. From small children to old people, everyone is glued to his/her respective smartphone, thus getting the brain agitated. This agitated brain results in poor performance at school, college or workplace. Let’s see if we can improve our focus and performance holding hands with FOCI.

What Comes Inside the Box?

In the box, I got the device:

  • FOCI
  • A quick user guide
  • A belt
  • A USB cable for charging and activation
  • A booklet named Skill of Deep Focus.

FOCI: FOCI is the wearable device, which you must wear around your wrist or your waist. It is a plastic structure with a sturdy metal clip for attaching the device with your body. The white plastic side has a sensor which captures your breathing pattern and thus, the white side should touch your body. The clip side should face outside your body.

USB Cable: This cable is required to charge the device. For first time use, FOCI should be connected to a charging station in order to activate.

Belt: The belt is provided in case you are wearing loose pants or dress. If your dress is too loose, then the skin contact with the device will become irregular and device can’t sense your breathing pattern.

Before going into details of the device, you must have a quick look at the user guide to know how to setup the device with your phone and also read the booklet thoroughly. Remember, if you do not know how to utilize the device properly, you won’t be able to improve your focus. So, the booklet is of immense importance. Don’t just throw it away, if you are really looking into self-improving.

Setting Up FOCI and Connecting With Your Smartphone

First things first, you need to setup your device with your smartphone. Here is a complete guide on setting up FOCI.

1. First, download the FOCI app for iOS or Android depending on your platform. You can search for the app or scan the QR code provided in the user manual.

2. Next, connect the cable with FOCI and connect the other end to a power adapter. Do not forget to turn on the Bluetooth on your smartphone. When you power FOCI, it vibrates and a bluish light appears on the device. This indicates that the device is turned on. Next, scan for the device on your smartphone to pair up. When you find FOCI, tap on it to pair up. Then open the app and use it to sharpen your focus skill. FOCI may take some time to appear on your smartphone’s Bluetooth device list. However, when it appears, connect it within 30 minutes of scan.

Bluetooth Pairing Issue On FOCI  

If you are using FOCI for the first time, it may encounter issue in connecting with your phone. Here is a quick tip on bypassing this issue:

  1. Click on the icon shown with number 1.
  2. Next, go to Device.
  3. Now, you have to connect the device once more to the power adapter and tap on Add New Device on your app.

4. The device will appear. Example, FOCI E0. Tap on it to pair. Next follow the steps as it comes.

This is how you can resolve the Bluetooth issue, if any.

Using FOCI To Improve Your Focus

Now, pin the device your wrist or pants, or with the belt. Check the app. You have to fill up some basic information. If the device has been put correctly, then it will indicate it accordingly. If the device is loose and is not in touch with your skin, then the app will say “Unable to detect breathing pattern”.

Now start working and check periodically the app, to learn if you are in focus or not. The app will indicate if you are distracted, if you are in focus or if your breathing pattern is relaxed.


While FOCI is sensing your breathing pattern and giving you real time results of your concentration, it is simultaneously implementing its machine learning algorithms and collecting your breathing pattern data.

Final Take

FOCI is an absolute game changer in the field of ML. It creates a robust environment to improve the skill of deep focus in people. With correct and proper use of the device, along with the booklet, it is possible to uplift your skill of focus and concentration.

The Skill of Deep Focus book imparts an in-depth knowledge about human psychology and focus. It talks about the 5 types of vicious loops that our minds are affected with. You have to study the Cambridge focus frameworks and identify your own problem areas. Once, you have figured out your problem areas, use the book to practice tuning out distractions for some days, and mark them on the booklet. Next, move to the corresponding steps and practice the exercises. In this way, you can improve your concentration manifold times.

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