Global Warming Opening Newer and Better Habitation for Venomous Creatures

Global warming is a growing menace and presently the biggest threat to the earth. Thanks to the ruthless exploitation of the resources of earth by human beings, the earth and life on it is at stake. From a drastically changing temperature to a threatened existence of species, we have it all. But the global warming is having a flip side and scientists are surprised to find that. While polar bear, African birds, pikas and sea turtles are in great danger, the situation is getting in favor of venomous creatures like snakes, spiders, etc. The rising temperature is making life more favorable to cold blooded animals for habitation and they will progress towards newer territories.

global warming

According to a recent research by University of California, it has been found that the venomous cold blooded animals have started shifting their habitable territories more towards the north or south away from the Tropical belt into the more densely populated areas. “There’s always winners and losers, and it seems that some of the organisms that are doing well and may do well into the future are [the] venomous species,” says Isabelle Neylan, a graduate student in marine ecology at the University of California, Davis.
But there is nothing to worry about. The news may instantly scare you, but it won’t be a scary situation at all. If you are imagining snakes and spiders all over your home and any of that sort, there will be absolutely no crazy situation like that. It’s just that we might see them living where they were not expected till date.

global warming

This is a simple thing. For example, suppose reptiles or a particular type of snake needs 35 degree Celsius temperature for favorable living. If due to global warming, the temperature of their territory increases to 37 degrees, then they will likely move to a new place where the temperature is 35 degrees. The animals likely to follow the trend are reptiles, arthropods and arachnids like spiders.

But it is being though that venomous snake will penetrate further into the northern United States and Canada and southward in Argentina and Chile by the year 2050. About 5.5 to 6.7 million more people at risk for snake bites. Yes, this one is scary indeed.

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