Google Drive for Education
Google Drive for Education

Google Drive for Education gives unlimited storage

Google Launched its cloud service-Google Drive two years ago and since then it has gained immense popularity in a short span. Just like OneDrive of Microsoft, Google Drive escalated quickly after being integrated with Gmail service. At present Google Drive has dedicated 190 million users across the globe and soon the number will cross as Google is planning for something more promising. Google said that they, “want educators and students who use Google Apps for Education to be able to focus on the learning experience—not the technology that supports it”.


Google announced its new endeavour that revolves around education and student. According to news, Google Drive for education will provide unlimited storage to students. Google is offering three lucrative opportunities. Students will get unlimited storage in their Google Drive account with a maximum raw file size of up to 5 TB. Advanced security for better information regarding the activity and usage of documents by Enhanced security. Google Apps Vault will be provided which lets users to archive their emails and chats.

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