Google intelligence
Google intelligence

Google Knowledge Vault can boost Google’s Intelligence to a new level

Google is a trailblazer in providing the best search engine but now it’s time Google has decided to go beyond and open a new horizon. Google Knowledge Vault is one such approach. Google has resolved to provide stable answers to users rather then presenting pages of search results. So Google is planning to incorporate intelligence in its search Engine in order to achieve this vision.

Google Knowledge Vault can boost Google's Intelligence to a new level

Google had introduced a new endeavor known as Google Knowledge Graph that accumulates, organizes and presents all the data related to the search entries in a compact manner through services like Google Now. The overall virtual intelligence has to be ameliorated and Google is working extensively on that. Google researcher Kevin Murphy said that Google Knowledge Vault is the “the largest repository of automatically extracted structured knowledge on the planet”. Google Knowledge Vault implements machine learning which would facilitate to establish relationships between facts and events so that it can provide a better answer rather than just search results.

Google Knowledge Graph and Google Knowledge Vault

Google Knowledge graph is an advanced data base that present in front of you a better and clearer picture of what you are looking for in the internet. It is a massive infrastructure that aims to rebuilt the definition of a search Engine and the data are collected in form of ‘facts’. Google Knowledge Vault collects those facts itself by scanning the web. It enhances its functionality with more practice and more knowledge. It will collect facts and each “fact” gets a reliability score. When the score is larger than 90 percent, the fact is deemed “confident.” Google Knowledge Vault enhances this. Currently, the Vault contains 271 million “confident facts” out of a total of 1.6 billion facts.

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