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Google reverses promise made in 2005 not to use banner ads in searches

Just after an elite group of Google search users discovered that for certain web lookups strangely big and unacquainted banner advertisements were coming up on the search results page, the Internet behemoth has presently affirmed it is working on these ads with a minute percentage of its user substructure. A representative for Google addresses it as “a small experiment.”

Google reverses promise made in 2005 not to use banner ads in searches

The screenshot shown above of one of the brand name being promoted was tweeted by @SynrgyHQ, which afterwards discovered from Google that more or less 30 brands are presently contracted for this particular publicizing trial. Nevertheless, the portion of users who are presently viewing these advertisements is presently standing at less than 5 percent. In addition to these, they only pop up when you are looking for something particularly applicable to the brand, as depicted above in case of South-West Airlines.

What’s all the more interesting about all of this fuss is just 8 years ago; Google pretty distinctly foretold that something like this will never occur in future. In the official page of Google’s blog, Marissa Mayer published way back in 2005, “There will be no banner ads on the Google homepage or on the web search result pages. There won’t be any wild, tawdry, graphic gizmos deviating and coming up all over the Google site ever.”

Mayer has from then has left Google to become the president and CEO of Yahoo. It is also worth remarking that Eric Schmidt was the CEO at the time, the blog was brought out but left office way back in 2011.
Hence if these banner advertisements exit from the testing and are created as standard, Google will basically have violated it’s foretell. Although the company is far from strangeness with publicizing in the search outcomes, this scores the first time it is taking into consideration image-based advertisements in lookups. As of late, it appears that Google is eager to put in advertisements more or less at anyplace in the searches.

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