Microsoft reportedly preparing Google Glass competitor

Microsoft may be gearing up to make a competitor to Google Glass, according to a fresh report, although trivial information on what the product might implicate was supplied. According to reports of The Wall Street Journal, “Microsoft is examining epitomes for Internet-connected eyewear alike to the Google Glass,” referring sources with knowledge of the growth. Apart from that statement, still, The Journal furnished no informational regarding the product, like if it still has a opportunity to make it to the consumer market.

Microsoft reportedly preparing Google Glass competitor

The report succeeds the breakthrough of a 2012 patent registering Microsoft reconciled for augmented reality specs. That filing aims to manifest “the system and tertained procedures for receiving a potential player to take part in a multiplayer game through a user head-bestrode display device.”

Google Glass competitor

According to the registration, Microsoft’s suggested glasses would utilize both visual and voice acknowledgment and be able to perform facial recognition and eye tracking.

In June 2012, a leaked out Microsoft product guideline cited a pair of computing specs with code-named “Fortazela.” The guideline declared a WiFi edition of the glasses was intended for publishing in late 2014, succeeded by a edition for mobile networks to be released in 2015.

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