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Hacker music artist trolls NSA with an amazing “uncrackable” mixtape

In 2013 a former NSA contractor Edward Snowden leaked information of NSA and NSA is still dealing with the issue. On top of this a hacker artist did a mischievous act by sending an amazing untraceable mixtape that left the spy agency dumbfounded. The innovation though small but has been a matter of appreciation as it stirred an organization like NSA.

Hacker music artist trolls NSA with an amazing uncrackable mixtape

Hacker music artist David Huerta sent a parcel to NSA. The box contained a mixtape which became impossible for the NSA to decrypt. David said he used an Arduino board along with a wave shield sandwiched between two laser-etched pieces of transparent acrylic. The tape has a transparent design with an encryption by a private passkey.

Huerta devoted a lot of brainwork in making the device. He said, “The use of a giant-ass Arduino and wave shield was chosen since the (shitty) 44KHz wave file format gave it roughly the same audio quality I figured a wiretapped AT&T phone conversation would have.” It seems that the mixtape is a “hidden exploitation of proprietary smartphones”.

It’s great to see a small mixtape made it possible for a spying agency like NSA to peer through it. The technology used can be implemented in future scientific research.

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