How To Block Robocalls?


Unknown numbers, making your phone ring throughout the day are one of the most irritating things everyone has to face. These are the robocalls that make us hyperventilate and get on our nerves are still increasing. Reports say that almost 48 billion robocalls had been made in the year 2018 and the next year it increased by 10 billion more and it just keeps on increasing. While these calls are increasing you would like to know that almost 60 percent of the calls are scams while others are automated alerts or reminders. 

Well, in the US, something is being worked on. A law to have the carriers sign into law so that the call-authentication protocols can be implemented which as a result would prevent the phone carriers from charging the users the call screening amount, however, it won’t be applicable to each and every user. By the time, this is developed, there are certain things you can do to help yourself.

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Make use of the built-in call blocking functions on your phone

Today, most phones, may it be Apple’s iPhones or many Android phones, all of them have call blocking options by default to blacklist a few numbers. This can help if you get calls from the same number. If you are an iOS 13 user you have the advantage to send the robocalls to voice mails instead of ringing. You make the most of it to manage your calls.

Use your phone carrier’s call blocking features

Many carriers have their protocols to manage and block calls for call screening. When the legislation is implemented, it is going to be stricter. These lightweight works are mostly free, but your carrier might charge you as per its own rules.

Download a call blocking app

You can always turn to third-party apps to block all the calls. These apps have features to block all the spam calls and you can easily manage your calls from there. You will find a lot of apps to choose from, just be wise enough to choose a good one because apps may actually take control over your data or your information might also be shared. So make sure to choose a legit one. 

Put your number on the do not call list

This list can help you keep off from unwanted sales calls. However, you still get calls, know that they are from illegitimate sources. For putting your name on the list you have to register and it is for free.

Report Robocalls

Some annoying robocalls might be permissible, you can still report the calls. This might not completely block everything you want to, but as per the patterns and trends, the calls will be managed.

How to handle or manage robocalls that still get through?

While you do everything to keep away from the robocalls, some still get through all the blocking and filters. You can still manage them in the following ways:

  1. If you can guess the calling number might be a spam or something, you can straightaway ignore it and the same applies to unknown numbers if you want to consider. You can send them to your voicemail. The important callers will always leave a message. But, if you take a spam call, there is a huge possibility that you’re going to get drowned with a lot more calls.
  2. Even if you take a spam call, you can simply hang up without actually engaging with the caller.
  3. You can always think before taking a call. You can easily ignore unknown calls, but some numbers would seem very familiar. All you have to do is take care of it.
  4. Even if it sounds like a legit call, you might actually want to hang up the call and find a call back number because, if you call, you may find your way out. 

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Adding to this, you can also choose to opt-out of other communications like texts, as well whenever you get a chance. Avoid sharing your number where it is not required because the more it is shared more is the chance to get spam calls. Summarizing it all, these robocalls calls might be a lot annoying, but you can always choose your options to get out of it. Using a combination of options can keep you off the scam calls.

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