How To Create An Account On Blogger?


Blogger by Google is a blog publishing platform that allows multi-user blogs. All blogs on Blogger have a subdomain of but can be custom owned by connecting with DNS facilities. It is one of the popular platforms and best suited for beginners.  Steps To Create An Account On Blogger Here are

What Is GG Or Good Game In Gaming?


There might be a big chance that you have never heard of "GG" and probably wondering what it is? But if you play a lot of competitive video games, there is a chance that you might have heard it, or have heard it from a gamer friend. What is GG or

10 Toughest Video Games of All Times

The gaming community is often heard speaking about how tough games have been. However, today, you have the option to choose your levels. If you want your game to be tough, you

The gaming community is often heard speaking about how tough games have been. However, today, you have the option to choose your levels. If you want your game to be tough, you pick out the "Hard" level for it. This way, you play the real challenge. Find the toughest games

How To Magnify A Part Of A Photo On iOS Devices?

how to magnify a part of a photo

During the course of your work, you might need to magnify or zoom in certain pictures. If you happen to use an iPhone or iPad, you can use a built-in tool of your device to serve the same.  Apple has a built-in tool called, Markup tool which has a magnifier feature.

How To Disable Undo Typing On iOS?

tech terms

"Undo-Typing" is a common bump in the path of iPhone users. If you are facing this issue quite often, it is due to a feature. Your iPhone or iPad has a feature called "Shake To Undo". This feature lets you undo typing by shaking your device physically. If you want to

What Is RNG In Gaming? A Quick Look

What Is RNG In Gaming

RNG or Random Number Generation is an algorithm used for producing random numbers. This algorithm is used in video games to determine random events. These Random events are such as your chance at landing a significant hit or getting a precious item.  Random number generation or RNG is highly being used

What is Google DNS? What Does Google Public DNS Do?


The Domain Name System is substantially the telephone directory of the Internet. Whenever a user searches for a domain name, the IP address is picked up to match with the existing ones in the directory. Once, the corresponding match is found, the user is direct to the site. This process

How To Change The Background Image Of Your Chrome Browser?

How To Change The Background Image Of Your Chrome Browser

Google stands as a simple and convenient looking search page when you hit While the colorful letters of 'Google' and the stylish rounded rectangular tabs give it a pleasant look, the background, on the other hand, appears dull for obvious reasons. Well, if you have ever wondered what to

How To Start Your First Tech Blog?


The blogging culture has reached every corner of the world. Everyone out there has a blog with various kinds of content. So is case of technology; it is ever-growing. If you hail from the field of technology and are looking forward to starting a new blog, here's everything you need

Tips On How To Target Your Social Media Audience


For a social media marketer, understanding your target audience is the important thing. A defined target audience is a need so that you can design your social media strategy around it.  Your social media target audience can be defined as a particular group of people, who are most likely to share

How To Start A Blog? A Complete Guide

Are Online Transcription Services Safe And Private?

With the current situation of Covid-19, people around the world are being locked up inside their cells. Amongst all this, many people are rediscovering their hobbies and have picked up new interests. Many people have landed with blogs, YouTube channels, etc. People like to put their experiences, tips, tricks, etc,

Check Out The Best MP4 Converter Apps


While you look at the video industry, a lot of formats has developed over the year. They say the number formats is as many as there are the number of devices, such as Flash Video, MKV, MOV, AVI, MPEG. But the thing is, while one of your devices reads those formats,

Check Out Best MP3 Converter Applications

Music mp3

For most people out there, YouTube videos playing in the background while doing your work is a habit or a mandate. It might be songs, Ted Talks, Podcasts, or interviews, anything that keeps you going while you have your head in the work. But again, listening to audio is more

Thunderspy Security Vulnerability: How To Deal With It?

Thunderspy Security Vulnerability: How To Deal With It

Thunderbolt is a hardware brand interface and a product of Intel. It helps the communication between the computers and external devices. Most companies prefer the use of Thunderbolt interface. It is easy to crack the security of Thunderbolt using Thunderspy security vulnerability. In this article, we will talk about Thunderspy

Introduction To Docker And Its Advantages


For manufacturers and transporters, the term container is more than just a word, it gives them consistency and the ability to organize. Well, relating to this, you must have related to Docker, acting the same in the technical world.  What is Docker? Docker is a tool that uses containers to ease out