A Comparative Analysis: SSRS Vs. Power BI

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SSRS and Power BI are Business Intelligence tools that are specially designed for the purpose of presenting data to the user. Both the tools are a part of the Microsoft BI stack and are applied in different circumstances as per the audience.  What is SSRS? SSRS is the abbreviation for SQL Server Reporting Services is

How To Record Screen on iOS Devices?


Every day, every hour technologies take a new face and the world keeps up with it. Obligating to this, smartphones are the most used devices which give a lot of flexibility to any kind of work. Speaking of the technologies, the need for screen recording has increased over the years and is also a

10 Best Audiobooks For iOS You Can Enjoy Listening!

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One of the all-time best authors once said, "The journey of a lifetime starts with the turning of a page". Yes, we're talking about the never-ending warehouse of knowledge "Books". Somehow, in our busy lives, it is very difficult to catch up on your reading every day. Audiobook apps make it easy for people

How To Earn Money On Reddit?


For the current generation, as they say, Reddit is the Front page of the Internet. People who have once been on Reddit have never found their way back. Reddit not only allows you to gain knowledge or stay updated about the topics of your interest, it indirectly allows to make money on the platform

5 Trending Smartwatches For Managing Work From Home

5 Trending Smartwatches For Managing Work From Home

The world is all about smart devices today. Likely, a smartwatch is a person's buddy throughout the day. While working from home in this lockdown situation amalgamated with your smart buddy can make it feel a lot more than just a working day. With the smartwatch on your wrist, you can manage your work

Best Audiobook Apps For Android

Best Audiobook Apps For Android

The traditional approach of book reading has been changed over the years and owing to the hectic schedules and lack of patience, the millennials are switching to Audiobooks. Here's a well-curated list of Audiobooks that an Android user can look up to.  Google Play Books Google introduced audiobooks to Playstore in 2018. It is an extremely

How Micro-Influencers Can Benefit Your Business?

6 Vital Differences Between Dedicated Hosting and VPS Hosting

For all those who have been using social media for a long time now, the term "Influencer" might not be a new word for you. With the change in the marketing strategies, the influencer marketing term is a common deal now and most brands are indulging in influencer marketing. People today, are mostly looking for

How To Earn Money With WordPress?


WordPress first came out in the year 2003, with the purpose of providing a blogging platform. It has been yet, the simplest platform for creating your own website or blog. It has gained its popularity over the years as for using WordPress, one may not need prior coding knowledge of any kind; it is

What Is Blockchain Technology?


Blockchain Technology has been heard of a lot in the past few years. Most of you must have heard it in relation to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Blockchain is just another cliche, but in hypothetical terms. To a layman, it may not make any sense. However, it is of vital importance to learn about Blockchain technology.

Mathematics You Must Know Before Learning Data Science

Mathematics You Must Know Before Learning Data Science

Mathematics has been an inescapable part of most disciplines in science and the same goes for data science. Almost all scopes of data science revolve around mathematics. It is also required that you have the basic knowledge in other fields such as programming, basic SQL query, analytical skills, etc. But mathematics stands par and

Programming And Technology To Know For Data Science

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You are here because you have a keen interest in Data Science. Well, if you want to set yourself on the journey of learning of data science, there are a few requisites for it. However, mathematics and programming stand above all of them. You need not be an expert,but need to have the basic

What Is The Difference Between Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality?

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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have been the center for marketing, gaming, brand development, and entertainment for a long time now. Even, the market is looking forward to leveraging their investments in both technologies. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are being used to improve marketing, customer experience, and brand building.

How Does Reddit Work? A Beginner’s Guide To Reddit

How Does Reddit Work? A Beginner's Guide To Reddit

What is Reddit? You have probably heard the jargon "Reddit" and now you are exploring to know more about it. Reddit is among the 18 most popular sites around the world. It is basically a forum of forums, where people can share and connect via various posts. How does Reddit work? You must be curious enough

What Is Zoombombing?

What Is Zoombombing

With the world fighting the pandemic, almost everyone is working from home and using various online platforms to continue their business, the most famous being the Zoom meeting app for video conferences. However, lately, it has come to notice that people using Zoom are facing a security issue called Zoombombing. What is Zoombombing? You must have

How Can I Use Reddit For Business?

Reddit For Business

Reddit is surely a well-known platform these days. On Reddit, users interact and create the content of their interest and it stands tall because of the same reason. Reddit is a platform where you can discuss, vote, and even create the content of your choice. Not only this, your activities like voting are also

Popular Instagram Tools To Boost Your Instagram Influence


Today, Instagram is a social media application that reigns the world of social media altogether. Initially designed to be a photo-sharing application is not just about it anymore. The millennials consider Instagram to be the best social media platform. Bring it to the creativity, content, and engagement, no doubt Instagram stands the best. Instagram, however,

How To Set Up A Business Account On Instagram?

Social media is the new platform for a successful business. Most businesses these days use social media to attract customers by launching various interactive campaigns. Visuals are a game for any business and Instagram is proof for the same. Instagram introduced the option for a business profile in the year 2016 and ever since