How to Block Someone on Strava?

How To Block Someone On Strava?

How to Block Someone on Strava?

Social media applications have become the new address/detail book. Yeah, and similarly, Strava can reveal a lot of information about you. You do have the liberty to hide your home address from random strangers. But at times, you will have to stop a specific person from intruding and viewing all your activities. So, let us get started on how to block someone on Strava.

The default settings allow anyone on the internet to view your activities and, as a result, work out where you live. All this is super easy if you know how the internet works these days.

What would be the advantage of Blocking Someone on Strava?

Well, blocking someone on Strava is a great help as it will do the following.

  • It will remove them from your follower list and vise versa. It is more like mutual unfollowing initiated from your end.
  • Apart from the above said, the same person will not be able to follow you again. And just will not be able to view your detailed activities.
  • Blocking will completely hide your profile from the person except for your profile picture, bio, total activity count for the last month, that week’s activity statistics, and how many followers you have. It will appear as it appears to a person who does not follow you.

Well, there is one thing. If you are anyhow into a publicly viewable activity, like for example, say a top 10 position in a segment Leaderboard, that is a problem. Because in this manner, anyone will be able to see a summary of the activity there. However, there is an advantage to it, that they can not click on it to view detailed information.

Will Blocking Trigger a notification to the person?

Yes, the most important thing. When you block them, they would not get any notification or any other kind of message. But when they try to view your profile, they will surely get to know that something has been changed.

How to Block Someone using the Mobile App?

Go to the person’s profile you want to block on Strava. On their profile tap the three dots in the top right corner and look through the menu. Now you will see the option “Block this Athlete”. Tap it to further “Block Athlete” to block them.

How to Block Someone using the Strava Website?

The first thing to do is open Strava in your browser and search for the account. Navigate to find the person you want to block. Click on the Settings (gear icon) icon and then click on “Block Athlete.” Tap the same to block the athlete.

Like many other applications the Strava account, that is, the person you block on Strava would not be able to follow you. Additionally the person also would not be able to view information about your activities or appear in your activity feeds anymore.

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