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How to Change IP Address to Another Country in 2020?

A Perfect Startup Guide On Graphic Designing For Beginners

IP adress is just as principal as your physical address. The virtual world has become too powerful to ignore it. You know that there is something called an IP address, and you know you have it. But how does it work and why should you change it? Also, you must have seen ads promoting software, like Betternet, that are designed to keep you safe on the web. Does this kind of software work, and is Betternet safe? Let’s provide you with some answers.

What is an IP address?

An IP address is a set of numbers that are there to identify your device on the web. Every single time you communicate in any way on the Internet, you leave a trail of information. The IP address was designed to be able to distinguish users from one another for safety reasons. Tracking your online activity is not something you can avoid. It reveals not only what you do, but also where you are and some of your personal information to your Internet Service Provider and some third parties. It might sound scary, and be a reason for you to want to hide your IP address. But who sees your IP address explicitly? It is mostly government agencies, Internet Service Providers that then try to sell this data, and hackers also try to see it and use it to hack into your devices. 

Why would you want to change your IP address?

There are more than just one reason for wanting to change your IP address. The most important ones are: 

  • Remaining anonymous online – the most apparent reason, you do not wish to be tracked or located, and then have companies sell your data. 
  • Appearing from a different location – most useful when accessing booking sites, because prices there vary between locations, so if you want a great deal, you need to change your IP address.
  • Unblocking sites – many sites are blocked in certain places, to be able to access them, you want to fool the site and change your location without leaving the house.
  • Bypassing online censorship – governments do like to keep us away from news that makes them look bad, or that they feel you shouldn’t know about. However, you can access all the online sites you want if you know where they are not censored, and change your IP address to this place.  
  • Remaining safe while using public Wi-Fi – if you change your IP address, you will protect your devices against a possible hacker’s intrusion. 

Changing your IP address, a step by step guide

You can change your IP address in a few ways. However, the most comfortable option for a person without vast IT knowledge is to use a VPN, and Betternet is one of the examples of this kind of solution. A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is a software that will stand between your devices and Internet tracking. The way it works is that you pay for an app with a VPN software, and then it gives you the ability to change your IP address to a country you wish. VPN software developers usually provide options for Windows, iOS, Mac OS, Linux, and Android. The set up is different depending on the device, but it is always user-friendly and easy to install. 

Please note that VPN services vary between providers. There are different types of speed, number of servers you can access, levels of safety, and of course, different prices. So before you choose a VPN that is suitable for you, please remember to do some solid research. There are plenty of reviews and ratings of VPNs online, check the one that is most trustworthy, and suits your needs.

IP adress is your digital footprint, and you need to think about how transparent with the world you want to be. If you care about your privacy and online safety, you might want to change your IP address to another country, at least when you are traveling or using public Wi-Fi. Invest in VPN software and make sure you have access to all the sites you want to visit. The IP address was designed for safety, but it is incredible how unsafe it can be for the user. 

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