How To Find Duplicate Content From Your Website?

Why is a plagiarism checker for a document important?

A website should always contain original and authentic content to attract readers. But not only that, plagiarized content hurts the reputation of the website. Plagiarism is a serious offense. 

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Figure 1: Plagiarism Checking can Improve the Rank of the Website

Copying someone else’s work without their consent is considered a breach of ethics. Not only that, any website with plagiarized content usually ranks lower in SEO tools.

Importance of using the content checkers’ online plagiarism software

Duplicate content on any website can penalize the owner. The search engine can do that by having the web pages removed altogether from future searches. It makes the publishing of content of no use.

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Figure 2: It is Important to Protect One’s Website Content

But it is also possible that someone else has copied a work available on a webpage. Sometimes, such web pages have a higher ranking than the original one. 

Thus one needs to protect their page from such websites. Therefore it is not enough to keep out copied content from a website. There is a need to protect the original content.

What is duplicate content?

To prevent duplicate content creation, the first thing that one needs to know is what exactly is duplicate content. Google defines it as “blocks of text that are identical or appreciably similar within or across domains”.

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Figure 3: Know More about Duplicate Content and the ways to Avoid Them

When the same content is uploaded on different websites, to manipulate search engine rankings, it can be not very easy for people to get proper information. They may end up getting the same text files in many places.

Also, today, most of the academic works are uploaded online, so preventing plagiarism in a research paper is also very important.

Locate duplicate content in a website

Create high-quality content using plagiarism detection software. Many online tools help in plagiarism detection. The anti-plagiarism software checks for duplicate content as they compare two text files with the help of an online plagiarism tool. 

These duplicate content checkers search for other websites and provide a plagiarism report on the amount of plagiarism present. They also provide links to the site where the copied content was uploaded. 

However, since a plagiarism checker works by checking strings based on verbatim overlaps, sometimes, after such precautions, plagiarism occurs. Therefore, while choosing the plagiarism checker one should be very careful. 

It is better to go for the one that provides accurate results in real-time. Also, going for the one using sophisticated technology is a wise option.

Why shouldn’t one go for a free plagiarism checker?

Often students prefer the free plagiarism checkers for students and professionals. Most of the paid plagiarism detectors have better features than free detectors. 

  • The paid tools often use sophisticated software, such as Artificial Intelligence, which provides the best results to the writers and that too in real-time.
  • Often the free tools are incapable of finding poorly paraphrased sentences, which the paid tools can easily find out.
  • Moreover, most of the free plagiarism checkers are unable to detect all kinds of plagiarism, and this is a fact that research has proven.
  • Apart from that, a free checker has a usage limit. After a certain point, the writer has to go for the paid version of the same checker or may have to stop using it.
  • Since the tool is a free device; hence, it generates revenue from the advertisement, and thus the tools contain too many advertisements, which is, at times, irritating. 

Thus, it is wise to spare a bit of money for a better result. However, one may think what if they don’t get the service they’re looking for even after paying a considerable amount? Well, this problem is natural, but there is a solution to it as well.

The writer should, therefore, go for those tools that provide free trials. In this way, the writer gets to know whether the checker is good or not, and they can save themselves from regretting later.

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