How To Insert Names Of Location or Places In Your Facebook Uploads?

Facebook has ameliorated many settings and options for its Android and iOS apps. The features are similar to that of Instagram Story. Facebook is just copying everything tip to toe from Snapchat and Instagram. Insertion of friends’ name on an image is a new addition and is well appreciated by users. You can now get the essence of Instagram and Snap Stories in Facebook App too. To access this feature, all you need to do is update your Facebook app. The feature has rolled out for both Android and iOS. Once you’ve updated it, you can add locations or the name of the place and change its style.

The process of inserting location to Facebook uploads is very simple. Open Facebook, create a new post where you have to select photos to upload. You will find a number of options in the form of stickers. Choose the Location option. A list of names of locations appear. Tap on any name or search for the name of the place you want. Tap on the name to change style. Then upload the snap.

Steps To Insert Names Of Location or Places In Your Facebook Uploads

1. Open your Facebook app and go to your Nwsfeed. You will get the “Write A Post” pane for uploading snaps and creating posts. Tap on “Add photos/videos” option. Select the photo. There is an Edit option at the bottom of the photo. Tap on it.

write a post

2. You will get a lot of options at the top and bottom. Select the smiley type of square icon located at the top of the app screen.

square icon

3. Now tap on the “Location” option.


4. the list of names of location or places appear. Click on any name. The name appears on your photo. You can tap on the photo to change style. You can reposition the photo and if you want to discard, just drag the location name and drop it below in the bin.

Insert Names Of Location or Places

That’s all!

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