Inbox by Gmail
Inbox by Gmail

Inbox by Gmail Team- a new future for Email

Emails are important part of our daily life and Gmail is definitely indispensable. Now Gmail has visioned a new future for emails with Inbox by Gmail. This new app will enlighten new perspective of email service with a host of new features which has not yet been present in any of mail service so far. Check the videos. At one shot, the features can be summed up as an interactive personal assistant that would do more than just emails.

People like us, who are regular users of emails, we face some typical problems like important mails being suppressed under burden of other emails and we end up searching for the important mails out of the not so important mails. The app Inbox is a new project of Gmail and it aims to make gmail a more organized and intelligent service. Some promising features are Bundles, Highlights and Reminders.

Bundles help in clustering mails of same type in groups. For example, all your bank mails will be organized in one group and mails from your university in a separate group so that it becomes easy for you to trace mails. This feature is not just moving mails to specific groups but this feature will make Inbox adapt itself to the way you desire to group mails. So from next time onward, just check it and swipe it to send it to respective groups and not let mails crowd the way.

Inbox by Gmail

Highlight is self explanatory. You need highlights for urgent mails like flight ticket mails, movie ticket mails and stuffs like that. Besides highlighting the mails, the service sends messages which are not the original one, but a reminder to remind you about the event.

Reminder, Assists work similarly. They work as you intelligent private assistant and assist you in reminding important events like birthday parties, meetings, flights etc. You can change the reminder settings, set snooze to remind you again at a later time. So many features are being promised by Google. Let’s wait and see how things turn up.

Google said that the app will run on Android phones with Jellybean or later versions (4.1+) and iPhones running iOS 7 or later. There’s a web-client as well but Chrome-exclusive.

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