Rooms by Facebook Labs for iOS
Rooms by Facebook Labs for iOS

Rooms by Facebook Creative Labs is now available on iOS

Gone are the days when chatting meant chat rooms and every day we got to interact with new people through chat rooms. There were various chat rooms based on locations and other factors but the scenario changed with advent of social networking sites like Orkut, Facebook where people started interacting with known people more. Rooms by Facebook Creative Labs is a new application developed for iOS which is trying to bring back the concept of chat rooms but in a modern and better way.


Rooms let you create a home for people with common interests and where they can share their regular thoughts and their take on the topic of the home. Most importantly what makes the app different is the extent of customization the app yields which has never been so lucid. You an change color of wallpaper, choose emoji of like button. Invite people for sharing thoughts and photos, videos. The few things that will remind you of the chat rooms are the nicknames you can choose for yourself instead of real profile names. If we sum up all the features, this is nothing new but every old thing is brought back in new wrappers. It’s too early to comment if the app will win hearts but since it is an approach to endorse creativity and interactions, this app definitely needs to be downloaded.

Download the app from here

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