Ingress: Google's augmented reality game now in Android Wear
Ingress: Google's augmented reality game now in Android Wear

Ingress: Google’s augmented reality game now in Android Wear

If you keep track of the latest technology then you have probably heard of Ingress in the past. Google introduced this augmented reality game called Ingress in 2012. The game was available for iOS and Android smartphones and now Android smartwatch owners can enjoy a flavor of the game.

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The game Ingress was created in 2012 and since then there was no looking back for the developers Niantic Labs. The game has been downloaded already 10 million times and it was really a good idea for Google to expand its horizon beyond smartphones. The game can be played from any of your Android wearable devices. The smartwear version will come with a plethora of features like discrete notifications, fine tuning for small screened versions and so on. This will actually let you enjoy the gaming experience while you are on the go.

Ingress for Android Wear is to be played in teams either on the establishment team or in the resistance team. Players attack and counter attack each other in the game with an aim to accomplish a mission. These missions are created by Senior members. Your device will notify you the attacks come into effect based on location and landmarks. As you play you will unveil more and more features.

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