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iOS 8 app “View Source” will allow to view source code in Safari

If you are a developer then having access to the source code is indispensable. Now you can break some sweat to manipulate the java scripts and favorites or just download View Source for iOS and relax.  It’s a new iOS app worth $0.99 in the App Store and it’s one of the newest apps to take advantage of extensions on iOS 8. One basic requirement is that you got to have iOS 8. The app lets you view source inside its own browser and also works as an extension for Safari so that you can view the source of any page you have open in it.

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View source has been more powerful in iOS 8 than ever before. The apps in iOS 7 were incapable of accessing other installed apps, this meant that for tools like View Source, Pocket or Flipboard , you would have to copy a link, open the app and then manually make the entry. With iOS 8, you can share extensions between apps, as part of their open architecture. So, if you want to view a site’s source now, all you have to do is tap the share button and open in View Source. This functionality may be new for iOS users but Android users have been using this feature for quite some years now.
There is a bit of a configuration for that, open Safari, tap on the share button, in the menu that pops up, where it says ‘Add Bookmarks’, ‘Add to Reading List’,etc. scroll right and you will find a button that reads ‘more’ with three dots for an icon. Tap that and add the feature(s) you want, here. Now, these features will be available any time you access a “Share” menu in iOS 8.

Now, does this app worth it? Well, from a point of view of a web developer you often face iddues when you need to have a quick access to the source code. And then this app can come very handy. It may be notable that its difficult to read source code on iPhone, but quite easy in iPad and iPhone 6 Plus. However with appropriate color coded tags – that you can adjust in themes – it can be made very easy to read.

You can download the app here

Abhinav Chatterjee is a IT professional. He has keen interest in mobile technologies, networking and emerging technologies.