Sticky Note collector
Sticky Note collector

Sync website specific notes using Sticky Note Collector for chrome

Sticky notes extensions are very popular on internet. Here is another such extension that you may find useful. Sticky Notes Collector is a Chrome extension that lets you take notes and saves them on your local drive. The extension has a dashboard and each note you take is assigned a color when it is created. The colors help categorize the notes and clicking a note opens the website it was created on. The note is duly loaded on the site. While the extension stores notes online, it also gives you the option to sync them across different computers with your Google account.

Sticky Note Collector- sync website specific notes

Creating a note with Sticky Note Collector is very easy. To create a note, open any URL and click Sticky Notes Collector’s button next to the URL bar. Each note has a title and a body. To assign a color to the note hover the mouse over the little drop at the bottom right and select which color you want to set for it. By default, each note is assigned the grey color. To cancel the note, click the little close button at the bottom right.

You can access the Sticky Note Collector from the extension and select the proper options from the menu. You can access your dashboard from the menu and can customize the colors of your notes. It has a tile and a list layout for displaying the notes, and you can also search a note by typing its title or a part of its body in the search bar. Click on the note to open it on the dashboard. You can access the website and view the note by simply clicking on the URL on top right of the note. One loophole of this extension is that it takes a lot of time considering the fact that it’s accessed from local drive. To sync your notes across computers you can switch to the Options tab and sign in with your Google Account.

Sticky Notes Collector is aces when it’s assessed in terms of features and the ability to sync across computers is definitely one that we don’t see often enough with note taking extensions. It does need to be optimized so that the notes can load faster.  An option to to group notes by website or domain would be welcome too.

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