Rooms by Facebook Creative Labs is now available on iOS

Rooms by Facebook Labs for iOS

Gone are the days when chatting meant chat rooms and every day we got to interact with new people through chat rooms. There were various chat rooms based on locations and other factors but the scenario changed with advent of social networking sites like Orkut, Facebook where people started interacting

Apple iCloud Photo Library Beta : All you need to know

iCloud Photo Library

Sources from Apple confirmed that its iCloud Photo Library will be available to all its users starting next week via an update to the iOS 8. The operating system update will also include Camera Roll which it released last month. iCloud Photo Library works by not only storing photos and

7 basic Tips to save / increase battery life on iOS 8

Tips to save battery life in iOS 8

It can be that you are still admiring the marvel of the new iOS 8 in your apple device and there is no doubt that iOS 8 has a lot more to offer than a outstanding display and active notification bar. We recently talked about the numerous new features that

iOS 8 : Top 27 new features that were not present in iOS 7

iOS GM version released for public

Well, the most awaited release this year was definitely going to be the iOS 8. Now, as always Apple always has marvelled in blending beauty with accessibility like no other brand has ever. So if you are wondering what took the iOS people to come up with the eighth genius

Police Can stalk and access Data From iOS 8 Devices


As promised by Apple that data cannot be accessed even by the police in iOS 8 does not imply that they cannot even get to access a person’s data. But again it is really not tough at all. The security system in iOS 8 which has just released is not

iOS 8 keyboard apps become favorite in App Store

ios8 keyboard apps

It seems that the new iOS 8 is already a hot favorite of developers and consumers. Within a day of launch of iOS 8, the devices working on this new Apple OS are using third party apps from App store and its interesting to find that keyboards top the

Countdown has begun for iOS 8: How excited are you?

iOS 8 release

Few hours are left for the release of iOS 8 and like every year we are excited for the update. Apple claims that this is the biggest ever update among all versions. iOS which is the foundation of all Apple devices like iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch is getting its