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Leap Motion review: taking control into your own hands

Although the revered computer and mouse antedates many users, the simple-minded two dimensional pointing device still persists to be the de facto procedure for transforming input taken from users to computers. In the decennaries succeeding the joysticks, foot pedals, mouse, trackpads, trackballs, gyroscopic input devices and other such unequalled peripherals have positioned themselves as potential substitutes.

Confessedly though, many of those input devices have been passed on to the regions of special applications and extreme ergometry. As for the truth, these days only touch screens and trackpads have proven their worth as the best alternatives in accordance with the mass appeal. But even those famous pointing devices are
not yet properly befitted to supersede the cheap mouse attached to the desktops everywhere.

Leap Motion review: taking control into your own hands

The Leap Motion controller being another such endeavour and an interesting one at the matter of pointing devices. The company boasts about the device as a fresh epitome in the class of human input devices thereby allowing users to wave, swipe and intrude their way via a digital world which was otherwise intended only for keyboard, mouse and touchscreens. So what is this Leap Motion controller and how does it function?

The minute gadget which hardly measures a bit larger than a USB flash drive, nonetheless within the Leap you will discover two cameras and three infra-red LEDs. By employing these mentioned components, the device will be able to track the hand and finger movements in all three spacial dimensions. We have surely seen this
kind of technology applied earlier in times also for example Microsoft‘s Kinect, so Leap Motion might seems to be a little less enthralling than it would otherwise. However, use of motion-sensing technology to communicate with
your computers is at least new and different if not wizardly.

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