LG Processor
LG Processor

LG’s Next Smartphone Will Have Its Own Processor Inside

LG has always managed to gift innovative things to customers and has progressed gradually but steadily. LG’s smartphones received its worthy encomium but despite of everything we have always noticed that no matter what Samsung has thus monopoly in the market of smartphones and tablets. To normal people Samsung Android Galaxy phones and tabs are quintessential and few can think beyond that. One of the convincing reasons for this is that the gadgets launched by Samsung uses hardware and chips manufactured by itself. So this independence and confidence is obviously appealing and added to the advantage.


But now scenario is going to change for LG. Now LG is also progressing forward and can come in comparison with Samsung since it will manufacture its own chips. When promotions and endorsements are concerned, LG has been a bit laconic and now this news might leave many in dismay. The chip manufactured by LG will implement ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture, with four 1.5-GHz Cortex A15 for the heavy lifting. It will also be accompanied with four 1.2 GHz A12s that plays an important role in saving your device battery longevity. The octa-core layout has been manufactured by Samsung and used in Galaxy S4 powered by Exynos 6. But being a newbie in thus field, its surely a big leap. The chip will be implemented in the 5.9-inch Android-based phablet LG G3 Screen. LG G3 screen has 1080p IPS screen with 2GB RAM. The device runs Android 4.4 KitKat. As of now the new launches will be for Korean devices.

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