How to Make a Captivating Podcast?

Today, it’s very easy to share your knowledge to a lot of people. Say thanks to iTunes and iPod. Podcasting has become a very popular way to share information from people around the world. Planning to start your own podcast? Try these tips in order to create a podcast that will catch a lot of people’s ears.

  1. Find someone to partner with. Having a co-host will make your show more interesting to the audience. Imagine having someone to debate with, agree with and discuss things with. An interesting topic plus two different sides to it will surely make the discussion spicier. One thing to make sure in looking for a partner is your chemistry. The hosts’ good combination is something for the audience to come back to.
  2. Begin the show with an outline of your discussion. One thing about unsuccessful podcasts is that they tend to be aimless. When this happens, the show usually turns out to be boring. A little organization in your show can give you more than what you can expect.
  3. Make your show more attractive by encouraging audience feedback. Create a website with a discussion forum or give an e-mail address where the audience can send their feedback to. This will make your podcast more “real” and interactive to the listeners. Make use of microphone pop filter for better recording like shown in Reading audience interaction is also a fun thing to do for you and your partner.
  4. Make it more worthwhile by providing trivia and prizes. Ending the show with a trivia question with a simple prize is a meaningful way to do so. This will work out great for podcasts discussing popular culture such as books or TV shows where the audience is always willing to go far just to learn more about their favorite authors or shows. Surely, your audience will have more reason to come back again to listen to your show.
  5. Find a schedule for your show that you can stick to. You can choose to release podcasts once a week, twice a week, once a month or twice a month. It really doesn’t matter as long as you can follow it each time. Let your audience wait too long and they’ll get frustrated and might forget about your podcast. The quicker you are able to make and release your podcast, the better it will be.
  6. Make sure your vocals are flawless. Minimize pops by using an Auphonix pop filter. These are available for less than $50.
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