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Mathematicians create a new app that relieves jet lag

Jet lag is a big problem for many people and many ailments like heart pain, diabetes and high blood pressure. The University of Michigan has been dealing with thus for a long time and recently found out that light is the key solution of overcoming jet lag. With this approach they launched a new app called Entrain that would deal with jet lag. Entrain creates an ambiance of sleep with its personalized aura of light based on the information provided by you. Olivia Walch, graduate student of University of Michigan developed this application. You have to preset your location of traveling, what light they can be exposed to and many other details of flight and the app would personalize the sleeping environment accordingly.

Mathematicians create a new app that relieves jet lag

The application tests numerous ways to help you overcome jet lag within 4 days which otherwise takes 1 week to 2 weeks. Fiona MacDonald of Science Alert says that studies reveal, “All it really takes is to alter your body’s perception of dawn and dusk”. The app improves your sleeping schedule within 48 hours, and to fully recover from jet lag in just four days.
Daniel Forger, mathematical biologist at the University of Michigan said,
“We thought the answer would be extremely complicated”.

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