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We have reviewed a lot of video converter applications for Mac. So far, according to us, MacX Video Converter Pro is among the top three video converter for Mac and to be specific one of the fastest 4K video converter applications. The reasons for appreciating this application will be explained consecutively. MacX Video Converter Pro is currently available in version V6.3.0 (released on Mar. 21, 2018). The application is compatible to a wide range of OS X versions viz. Mac OS X Leopard/Snow Leopard / Lion / Mountain Lion / Mavericks / Yosemite / El Capitan / MacOS Sierra / MacOS High Sierra.

macx video converter pro

The most significant feature of the software application is that it is capable of converting any 4K video content to any format your want. You can even convert a M4V video format to a MP4 4K or any other format. It enables conversion of a plethora of output profiles such as 2K MP4, 4K MP4, iPad, iPod, Mov video, YouTube format, etc.

If you are converting a 4K video to any other device specific compatible format, then this applicaion is indispensible. As mentioned earlier, the application support is humongous. The conversion is done based on resolution, quality, OS compatibility, thus optimizing a video for fitting perfectly to your device screen. You can enjoy uploading any video to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc without any difficulty.

Now, below, we put up some important specifications that can be found on the application’s official website as well. Still for your information, I am staring down the points once again.
Decode HEVC: Convert HEVC/H.265 to H.264, MP4, MOV, etc for better compatibility.
Encode HEVC: Encode MKV, MTS, M2TS, AVCHD, H264, especially the large 4K UHD videos into HEVC with higher quality but smaller size.

1. First of all, download the MacX Video Converter Pro or the free version, if you want to try it before purchasing.

2. Now tap on the downloaded folder located at the right corner of the dock.

3. Drag and drop the application to the app folder.

macx video converter pro drag and drop

4. Now, open the Launchpad and find the app. Run the application.

5. As the MacX Video Converter software opens, it will ask you for your License Key. You may not have the License key if you are using the trial version. In that case bypass the option. The software user interface looks like this. The left pane is the workplace where you have to add the videos to convert.

macx video converter pro user interface

6. Now add the video by clicking on theDrag Media Files Here. Select the video. Click OK.

macx video converter pro select file

7. Next, the Output Profile appears, so that you can choose the output format. Choose an output format from the list. Now click on Done.

output profile

8. Finally hit the Run button. The conversion time is very less. The video gets converted quickly. The conversion time depends on a number of factors like output file format quality, input file quality, size, etc.

macx video converter pro conversion

9. As soon as the conversion is complete, the output file opens for your convenience.

macx video converter prot

That’s all about using the software. Now let’s have a look at the Pros and Cons of the software.


  • The first eye catching aspect of this software from a user perspective is it easy to perform installation process and a beautifully designed user interface. The UI has a big workplace which is appealing to any user performing video converions. Buttons like Run, and important menu like dragging file or adding file is prominent to catch attention of the user. So, the UI is effortless.
  • The support for formats is huge. With this handy 4K video processing tool, you can convert 4K video content which is something not available to every video converter. Every beautiful thing has a flip side and the same applies to 4K video content. Yes, they are precise, beautiful to watch and what not, but they consume huge space and the complexity of the video format is also something to think about. If you upload videos to YouTube or want to transfer a 4K movie to your mobile device which does not support 4K resolution, then all you have to do is convert them. MacX Video Converter Pro fits your bill.
  • The output profile is ingeniously designed, so that you can understand what you need and act accordingly.
  • You can edit any video format, crop, compress and edit based on frame rate, bit rate, codec and more parameters.
  • You can also scale down 4K videos to 1080P, 720P, H.265 to save Mac, iPhone storage space

The software has no negative aspect. So, I have not kept any separate heading for Cons. It is a great software for 4K video conversion.

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