Online Fax Service: 2020 Reviews, Comparisons, & Pricing

Online Fax Service: 2020 Reviews, Comparisons, & Pricing

Online fax services are becoming increasingly popular in the faxing arena nowadays. This rising trend has reached all over the world and the fax users just can’t get enough of it. If you want to become aware of this rising trend and the best one among the market, continue reading this guide until the end.

Big multinational firms deliver their documents through the use of faxes as it’s the only method they trust for transferring their confidential files. And many other professionals too, like freelancers, also make the use of faxing. This way, faxing has a million users all around the globe.

But the thing that refrains some people from faxing is the bundle of absurd requirements. Faxing has old origins hence some of its requirements are also quite old-fashioned. Fax machines, modems, and telephone lines, all these requirements seem much outdated in the present advanced era.

So, online fax services do the work. These services make life easy by allowing you to fax through the internet in a convenient way. But not any fax service can be trusted as most of them are just scams. Here we have the best online fax service for you that is trusted all over the world.

CocoFax – The Guru Of Online Faxing

CocoFax is an online fax service that seems to be the guru of all others. Through CocoFax, you can fax online on this site. It is the best of all other competitors in the field because its services are superb than those of any other services.

Online Fax Service: 2020 Reviews, Comparisons, & Pricing

Due to its immense success, CocoFax has gathered the love and praise of many people throughout the world. Millions of individuals, who cannot risk their documents’ security, use CocoFax because it’s trusted all over the world. Large firms that use faxing as an official method for communication also make use of CocoFax.

This immense usage has also gained immense popularity for CocoFax. Many top news sources have included CocoFax as their top story. Media brands like Forbes, Toms Guide, and TechRadar have praised its services well and have also recommended it as the top fax service for the fax lovers.

CocoFax is a fantastic Google fax service as it allows faxing through many Google products like Gmail and Google Drive. You can use these platforms for sending as well as receiving faxes on the internet. It is obvious that CocoFax has taken care of its users’ ease at every step.

Features That Make CocoFax The Best Of All

When we compare CocoFax to other online fax services, there turns out to be a lot of things that show that there is no doubt about CocoFax being the best and the number one. Here, we have listed a few of them.


Where pricing is concerned, CocoFax is the best online fax service in this regard. This is because its price packages are the best. And before paying anything, you get to check its services entirely for free for a whole month.

Through the 30-day free trial, you can try out its features and then easily decide which subscription plan will suit you the best. For starting the trial, you don’t need to give any payment information either. Sign-up is completely free with CocoFax.

This is unlike many other fax services who ask for payment information at the start and cost you much. CocoFax is far better than many other fax services who take money from you but do not provide adequate services.

Online Fax Service: 2020 Reviews, Comparisons, & Pricing

Free Fax Numbers

One of the awesome things about CocoFax is its facility of free fax numbers. Fax number is the most necessary requirement for faxing. Even if it’s the old traditional faxing or the new and recent online faxing, fax numbers are a must-have.

In the old days, that is when the traditional faxing methods were used, the phone operator needed to be contacted in order to get a fax number. And when you were provided with it, it would be a very complicated one, one that would not match your company code and was also difficult to remember.

Online Fax Service: 2020 Reviews, Comparisons, & Pricing

But since the times have changed and the technology has grown rapidly, getting a fax number is not that much difficult. And when you have the best fax service, CocoFax, getting a fax number is absolutely not a trouble.

Just enter your email address and CocoFax will email your fax number to you. On top of that, you get to choose your fax number yourself so that it matches your company codes and is easy to remember as well.

No expertise required

CocoFax is simple and easy to use to the extent that any person with a piece of basic knowledge would be able to understand it well and then use it. There is absolutely no need for any expert knowledge. Further, its use has been made easy with its easy to use online dashboard.

Online Fax Service: 2020 Reviews, Comparisons, & Pricing

The online dashboard is home for all your faxes and all of them will reside here. Whenever you need to send a fax, you can do it through the button of ‘New Fax’ on the dashboard. And all the faxes that you get will also appear here.

24/7 Customer Care

CocoFax takes care of its customers well. Hence, whenever you have any queries about any of its services, you can always contact CocoFax’s customer care team that’s available all the time 24/7.


So, this article clearly shows that CocoFax is the ultimate best when compared to all other fax services. Its features are of top quality and it is also the best in terms of pricing. So, overall, it’s the best faxing package.

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