Philips unveiled a number of gadgets for health freaks
Philips unveiled a number of gadgets for health freaks

Philips unveiled a number of gadgets for health freaks

Most of the people are health conscious nowadays and with the aid of technology and internet, health and fitness have become the most important concern of our life. Philips has unveiled a number of gadgets which are meant for health related issues. Health and fitness freaks will surely love these devices. Have a look at the line-up of health oriented gadgets.

Health Watch


The Health watch enables you to keep a better track of your health issues. Equipped with optical heart rate sensor, this device monitors your heart rate with appreciable precision and estimates resting heart rate as well as heart rate recovery. It also monitor activity and sleep and can be synchronized with Philip’s health app to discover more options. It’s worth $250.

Body Analysis scale


This Body Analysis scale is not just a weighing machine but much more than that. It yields body composition analysis based on your body weight. The device comes with fours highly accurate sensors along with Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA). The device is capable of measuring body fat and BMI analysis, Body weight and can be synced with the Philips health app.

Upper Arm Blood Pressure monitor


This is a high precision blood pressure monitor that can also measure heart rate and can sync with the company’s health app.

Ear Thermometer


This ear Thermometer from Philips can measure body temperature with high precision. The measurement is calculates super fast in almost 2 seconds.

All the above devices can sync with the Philips Health app. The health app is compatible with Android 4.4 and higher and iOS 8.1 and higher.

Source: Philips Connected Health Devices

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