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Pixel and Nexus Devices Getting New Feature called Instant Tethering

Google is introducing a new feature called Instant Tethering to Pixel and Nexus devices. Tethering is an important feature in any Android device, or rather say, any smartphone. It enables you to connect to multiple mobile devices and share a single internet connection with others. It can turn your mobile to Wi-Fi hotspot. Mobile hotspot or tethering is an important feature and it can be extended to performing more superior things but in an easier way. Google has just done the same.It has started rolling this new feature as part of Google Play Services 10.2.

Pixel and Nexus Devices Getting New Feature called Instant Tethering

Instant Tethering expands the functionlity of tethering and links up devices that are associated with your Google account. This helps you to stay online in an easy way when there is a connection drop. This means, if one connection fails, it will prompt you to connect to other device from your Google account. And all these can be done without any additional setup necessary. It even deploy Bluetooth to negotiate the connection. Instant tethering even shows you the battery level of your other device. So, the main advantage is that you don’t need to go through the complicated process of tethering to another device.

Andreas Proschofsky from Google chimed in about the update and explained:

“Google Play Services 10.2 has started to roll out [1] and it’s introducing a pretty nifty new feature: Instant tethering. Basically it works like that: If – say – your tablet has no data connection and you also have a phone connected to the same Google account, it can automatically offer to use the data connection of the phone – zero setup necessary, just a confirmation (well after the initial setup, obviously, you have to agree to use that feature)”

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