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Proxies for Brand Protection


The man on the street may not be clear about the purpose of a proxy server. For most people, proxy servers are perfect tools for unblocking Netflix content from other countries. But that is a tiny bit of the bunch – they can do much more! Businesses, for one, are leveraging their potential for brand protection.

In a stifling competitive space, businesses are going all out to stay afloat. And an increasing number of them chooses to gather information and use it to gain a competitive edge. There is so much data available from e-commerce sites to use. But the reality is, you can’t hop from site to site to gather data – you’d spend endless hours doing that. 

Instead, companies scrape websites and, unfortunately, e-commerce websites frown at this practice. Sharing their data is not what they would want to do with another business entity. Their competitor could gain the upper hand. Even so, scrapers can slow down their websites; the goal of providing users with the best experience would be hampered.

For this reason, they nip the activities of scrapers in the bud. With the same IP address making series of requests within a short time – that is a red flag – it wouldn’t be long for such address to be shut out.

But there’s a way around it – use proxies!

Brand Protection via Proxies

Businesses use proxies to harvest data for brand protection. They hide behind these tools to prevent identification. Great elaboration on what type of proxies can be harnessed for these activities can be found on Oxylabs.io page! With a bunch of these proxies rotating out, the site owner assumes it is coming from different users, and wouldn’t know if it is actually from the same person.

According to a survey conducted by LocalCircle, 38% of consumers received a counterfeit product from an e-commerce website out of 6,923 respondents. That data is frightening, and that is how bad it could get.

Even in 2015, there was a clampdown on nearly 1400 websites in the UK. MHRA – Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency – seized counterfeit medicine in tune of up to £16m in the UK. Slimming pills, cancer medicines, and erectile dysfunction drugs all went down.

With the help of proxies, businesses can stay ahead of the competition and have an idea of those counterfeiting their products. The fact remains that as the counterfeit market expands, brands will find it difficult to eliminate all of its consequences. But the battle is not all lost – it requires a change of focus.

Run a Proxy Server to Enhance Cybersecurity

In today’s world, cybersecurity is a big issue. And the internet being what it is, the bad guys can easily access your servers. To prevent unwanted access, you can run a proxy server – yet the information on the server will still be accessible to authorized people.

With the proxy server, you can get an extra layer of brand protection for sensitive data – and away from the prying eyes of cybercriminals.

With proxies, you can also filter spam effectively from your email servers. There are several ways to it, and many filtering utilities leverages different techniques to separate spam from legitimate emails, as well as a blacklist, whitelist, etc.

Prevent your Server from Crashing

When a company’s website is down, it spells doom for the owner. Even a brand protection agency would agree it is one of the fastest ways to lose relevance in a competitive space. It can be annoying for customers, especially if they need to use such a site for purchases. 

The server will keep your website content and data safe – in the cloud and peering will help your network handle a lot of traffic. A customer can use an array of ISPs to reach a particular content.

But you can do something different with a proxy server – create one web address as the access point. This will balance requests to each server to prevent overloads. All of this happens behind the scene for an exciting customer experience while on your website.

Proxies are valuable tools in the hands of website owners, especially when it comes to brand protection. Leverage their benefits and put your business in the frontlines.

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