PUBG Mobile Update 0.18.0: What’s New?

PUBG Mobile Update 0.18.0: What's New?

There is an arousing excitement among the fans of PUBG Mobile regarding the update 0.18.0 coming on May 7. Almost everybody knows about the main update (Mad Miramar) but not about the other ones. Read it to the end to find what is going to come to us.

Main Update (Mad Miramar):

The most underrated map of PUBG Mobile Miramar is perhaps no longer going to be underrated after this update. In the northern part of the map we are going to see a new oasis to be added on and in the northwest the Urban Ruins. Other than this, housing areas, roads, resources are added that would make your match a little helpful.

A race track is also added that is through the whole map and perfect for the motor-bikers.

A new vehicle “The Golden Mirado” would be spawned in the game. Only 1 would be spawned. It can withstand more damage than a normal one.

  • A new vending machine is also added and is scattered on the whole map. You can get energy drinks or painkillers from the vending machine and if you’re lucky enough, you can get up to 8 drinks at a time.
  • A new Sandstorm effect has been introduced that would ravage various areas.
  • New theme music, Miramar Main Lobby and the new map would be availed after updating it.
  • New Miramar achievements would also be included with the map and you can achieve those only after completing those given multiple objectives. Other events are also added with rewards for fulfilling them.

Evoground New Mode- Bluehole Mode (Coming Soon):

2 zones would now be available on Erangel (outer zone, inner zone) in this mode. The inner-zone is a new addition; it would disclose the next playzone location. Players would be losing health while being in this inner-zone as long as the outer-zone is present and as soon as it shrinks and gets finished another new inner zone would be disclosed.

There has been an increase of 50% of all the supplies in the Classic Mode Erangel map and not in the Bluehole mode. Players could revive their teammates in just 4 seconds.

Jungle Adventure- New Classic Mode (Coming Soon):

It is a new mode which you could be finding in Sanhok soon. You can only enter this mode only by luck and random chance just like the Day/Night mode in Erangel. A variety of new challenges could be faced by the player in this mode. Some of them are listed below:

  • Totem: Ancient totems would be scattered all over the map, find them, then invoke their power and get a chance to receive any item.
  • Jungle Food: Fruits and other foods would be available in the wild which might grant mysterious effects when you eat them.
  • Hot Air Balloon: You can control a Hot Air Balloon now and can witness any battlefield by not being in it.

New Arena Weapon- P90:

A new Arena SMG, P90, has been added. It is a destructive weapon using the 9mm bullets with a default magazine capacity of 50 shots. It can change to burst and single mode also other than the full-auto mode.

It can equip all kinds of scopes other than the 8x scope. It also equips the laser light.

Other Classic Mode Improvements:

  • Addition of a Canted Sight: A new attachment the canted sight would now be spawned in the maps which is comfortable with most ARs, SMGs, Snipers, LMGs, and some Shotguns. This is a kind of scope for the close combats that could be equipped alongside other scopes. You can adjust the canted sight, according to your preferences in the Settings.
  • Point Protection Matches: You get your ranks deducted when you lose early or get killed as soon as you land. In this way you might get killed by hackers or cheaters and you cannot do anything about it. Well, now you must know more get tensed as you would be redeemed all the points that you lost in such a case after it has been examined thoroughly. That match would become a point protection match and you would receive a notice via in-game mail.
  • New Results Screen UI: Another new thing regarding the Results’ Screen has been added. You can view “Detailed Results” of the classic matches where you could view detailed data of each weapon used by you and your teammates check other stats and compare. A ‘5 grading criteria’ has been added on the Results Screen. New titles and Filters are also added on the Results Screen.
  • Improvement in Settings:  A TPP and FPP custom configuration has been added. Your sensitivity settings would be stored in the cloud so you won’t be required changing the sensitivity every time after updates. You can enable or disable auto quick-scope functions now.
  • Death Replay:  This resource has been improved and now you can view it from all devices even smoother than before.

New Weapon Attachments and Other Improvements:

  • The Win94 would now be coming with its default attached 2.7x scope and would be spawned only in Miramar.
  •  Reloading the shotgun S1897 aiming down won’t take you out of the iron sight.
  • Bullet marks are now improved which would help you understand the direction better from where it was fired.
  •  A trajectory path has been added to the Crossbow bolts helping with judging the direction better.
  • The Light Grip has also been improved, now it would increase significantly the stability of the guns while firing and help in speedy recoil recovery.
  • Sight animation stability has been improved while moving with the sight activated.
  • The Flare Gun would now indicate what type of supply the player is going to get, that is a vehicle or airdrop.

Shotgun Balances:

  • The spreading of the bullets of a shotgun has been remodeled making it spread better around the crosshair thus dealing better damage and ideal for mid and short-range encounters.
  • Damage of Shotguns at long distances has been dropped to a minimum of 4 at the maximum effective range and 3 for Sawed-off. Muzzle climb has been increased for Shotguns but no change in their recoil.
  • The Maximum effective ranges of the Shotguns have been modified to 80 meters except for the DBS with 100 meters.
  • S1897 rack speed has been given an increment of 20%.
  • Sawed-off can now shoot 9 pellets instead of 8 each with damage per bullet 20 instead of 22.
  • Shotgun damage has been slightly reduced to 1.2 from 1.5 for headshots and 0.9 from 1.0 for body shots.
  • Duckbills’ vertical spread has been slightly enhanced.

Other Combat Improvements:

  • If you press the fire button while using drugs (energy, painkiller, syringes, bandages) it would now cancel the action and help you continue the battle.
  • Bloodstain effect is also improved when attacked.
  • The screen would now shake if being attacked in a close combat or when the characters fight in close quarters.
  • Crosshairs of the throwables have been significantly improved helping in easier distinction of the high or low toss of the throwable by highlighting the upper or lower part of the cross-hair.
  • An unequip function has been added to the quick scope section. Tap the scope equipped in the quick scope once more to unequip it.
  • Recommended weapons would be automatically picked up for the player in a state when the backpack is full or almost full.
  • Battle chat log is improved which would now display the latest chat information by default. Also, expired chat marks in the chat log could be displayed again by tapping on them again.
  • The shape and the transparency of the location markers have been significantly improved.
  • Voice chat has been modified. Pressing and holding “Voice” would now result in the playing of new sound effects.
  • The team-mate location marker has been improved allowing marking outside the Mini-map for minimizing UI interference.
PUBG Mobile Update 0.18.0: What's New?

Headlight effects have been added to the vehicles that are drivable.

  • Drop tactics: Dropping in location could now be set in Matchmaking Settings and you would be paired with players with same such tactics. There are only two options for selecting: ‘Hot Drop’ or ‘Slow and Steady’.
  • K/D statistics Improvement: From S13, the K/D data in player info would be changed to average K/D per match. Also, players using lower performance devices would experience smoother matches and would have less battery consumed over-time.
  • Bug Fixes: The following bugs that sometimes occur are fixed:
    • A bug that sometimes becomes the cause of death of the players while jumping off the vehicles.
    • The bug that causes significant vehicle drift.
    • The bug where the button sound went misconfigured or missing from the current screen.
    • A bug that caused lagging in devices when HDR +60 fps was enabled in high performance devices
    • The bug that causes lagging when other players entered a player’s field of vision.
    • The bug that causes the screen lags.
    • A bug that caused resolution glitches while switching between the large and small screen display of the Samsung foldable screen.

New Content Additions:

Cheery Park: A social area that is capable of accommodating 20 players at a time with the most basic training ground features and also helps in the interaction of players in real-time. This would be allowing chatting, Emote battle, interacting and making friends. This would allow teaming up with others for playing matches in other modes. Players can be invited for roasting a chicken together in Cheer Park. They can also play 1 v 1 duels with others; play Hunt Game that was available in the Anniversary Celebration Mode.

Royale Pass S13- Toy Playground:

Available from May 13, this is a toy themed Royale Pass with Cartoon Rangers. At 50th rank you can choose either the Ice Ranger or the Fire Ranger and get the Ultra Defender Set at Rank 100 for your lifetime. There are 3 forms available for the Puppet Agent outfit; you can upgrade it by reaching the highest rank. The RP mission reminders have also been redesigned for the players help. Another known bug fixes have been improved. Other tutorial guides have also been improved.

Team Invite Improvements: A maximum of 3 invites can be viewed at once. Recipients can accept the request other than the creator.

Like Feature Improvements: The likes in the last 20 matches would be viewed in the team up page and a new “Number of LIKEs received in the last 20 matches” to the like rankings. The gifts are also visible in the results screen.

New Currency: A new currency named AG would be added. It stands for AceGold.

Well, I guess there has been much of a very big update this time and now players are also likely to start playing the Miramar and Sanhok maps just like the frequency of them playing the map Erangel. What is the best thing did you like about this update?

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