Rich Media Planning

There is nothing more engaging in digital or online advertising right now like rich media planning. This tool can make heads turn, attract the attention of online users and push them to take an action.

Chances of users clicking on the link, buying your products, signing up for the newsletter or watching the video are higher if the advertisement is made with rich media planning. What makes users flock to rich media formats is the fact that they are extremely appealing and easy on the eyes. They pull in users and hold their attention increasing ad retention and awareness.

Not all formats in online advertising are based on rich media planning right now. Some of them are also regular formats. For instance, GIF formats are not included in the rich media category. Most of the banner ads are made using its tools. In fact, many techniques like out of banner, in banner, expandable, sync, polite, roadblock can be applied to make its banner advertisements. These banners stand out because the latest tools and techniques that are capable of entertaining users thoroughly are applied to them. Like, animation or videos that stream just like your television does.

Also, many rich media formats have videos, audios and interactive features. Actually, advertisements that have both audio and video formats are always classified as rich media. Flash is also an extremely popular format of it. The list doesn’t end here as other technologies included in these formats are Unicast, CheckM8 and Eyeblaster. The quality of rich media is so high that it outperforms GIF formats easily.

Rich media ads connect with the users very easily and entertain them to the core. So, it doesn’t seem like advertising at all, it is more like entertainment to online viewers. This enhances the response rate enormously and this pushes the conversion rates higher up. Right from planning and negotiating to making and rolling out the ad should be done with utmost care. Specifications for the ad like the file type, audio use, serving logistics and tracking should be considered cautiously. All these ads are tested and tweaked several times to ensure that they have a top notch finishing.

Another huge advantage with rich media planning is that the set up allows users to print reports and measure the performance of an advertisement. So, it is possible to determine the amount of time a user spent looking at the banner and calculate the number of email addresses that were captured by the advertisement. Another thing that helps to gauge the ad performance is the interactive features used in this format. With them, various interactive features like dynamic data, comments, downloads, polling, games and data collection can be used to evaluate the performance of the advertisement.

New things are always evolving in rich media planning and it is getting so popular that soon it will take over all the other formats in digital advertising and become the most prevalent technique used by online marketers.

Anik is an IT professional and Data Science Enthusiast. He loves to spend a lot of time testing and reviewing the latest gadgets and software. He likes all things tech and his passion for smartphones is only matched by his passion for Sci-Fi TV Series.