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Samsung launches Animal Edition Battery packs to raise awareness

Samsung has taken up this beautiful initiative of launching Animal Edition Battery Packs to spread awareness about these endangered species. The Animal Edition Battery packs were launched by the South Korean giant at the Mobile World Congress which held few days back. The Animal Edition battery packs will come in two different sizes. One will come with 8400 mAh and the other one with 11300 mAh. The small battery pack will feature Fennec Fox and Lesser Panda and the bigger battery packs will feature Giant Panda and Golden Monkey.

Samung launches Animal Edition Battery packs to raise awareness

Samsung gave away few numbers of these battery packs but has not yet released them on mass level. But news are speculating that Samsung has bigger plans with these battery packs soon. The company has not yet revealed the pricing of the devices but it has been reported that the Animal Edition Battery packs will accompany an interactive app called “Charge the Life”. Thos application will show the charging progress when connected with compatible Samsung. smartphones.

It’s not yet confirmed as when Samsung will release the battery packs publicly but rumors say that the devices will roll up as accessories along with the releases of Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Whatever it is, its definitely a good effort by Samsung to make people know about the endangered species on earth.

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5 thoughts on “Samsung launches Animal Edition Battery packs to raise awareness

  1. The Animal Edition battery packs it’s a very good and initiative idea . The samsung company its a very creative one and they will change the world phone’s with a very intelligente and creative list of funny things .

  2. LOL xD I hope this will be a succesfull idea. Great development for
    Samsung Company. I’m waiting for it to sold in Indonesia. I want to
    change my battery now with the unique one xD

  3. This is a good idea, in this way everybody will get awareness about to protect these kind of animals. Hats off to Samsung. most heartily welcome for this type of ideas.

  4. Wow!!! what a brilliant idea from Samsung..The Animal Edition battery packs may start a revolution in the mobile industry. It looks cute too. Looking forward to such innovative ideas again from Samsung. Hat offs! Congrats..

  5. With a lot of battery packs already in market,Samsung must be careful for the reliability as it is the quality that people will seek in anything at the end of the day.prints of endangered animals seems to be a step well taken by the brand.

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