Self driving car by Google

Self driving car by Google launching in California first

Google has been one of the pioneers of contemporary times to have introduced some phenomenal innovations, Google glass being one of them. Another addition to this glorious list of innovations will be the self driving car. You do not need to know driving to drive this car. It’s as amazing as that. Google has been working on some of the weirdest ideas that people can even think of and Google has been going on realizing such stories.

Self driving car by Google launching in California first

So Google introduced its first self driving car designed from ground up by Google. When we discuss about a car, we generally speak of what facilities it has but if you are talking on Google’s car you will certainly be keen to know what it does not have. It has no steering wheel, no pedals, no shift stick, not even a rear-view mirror. The car appears to look like the funny cars we see in cartoons but it’s quite smart when it comes to performance. The car does all the driving itself. You only need to watch the car drive away itself.

Till now Google incorporated self driving system in cars like Toyota Prius hybrids or Lexus SUVs. But now it’s taking a completely new model. After the testing face is completed about 100 cars will be launched in California. The figures expected to jump in short span. The mileage of the car is limited to 25mph (40km/h). No price estimate has been received. Hats off to Google for realizing such a concept. We just hope that the cars perform safely and correctly.

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