Send and Receive Fax via Email by Using Online Faxing Service

Send and Receive Fax via Email by Using Online Faxing Service

 Faxing is typically done by the fax machine and sent in form of telephonic signals and email is done by using the internet and digital signals take the email down the modern cables to the recipient computer.

Some people still find it difficult to change the technology and replace fax with email. Some government setups require you to send documents via fax. Now if you are one of those technology geeks who have the hankering to get everything done with your smartphone with few clicks, we have found a way for you.

You can send and receive faxes within seconds and much conveniently then your coevals. Conventional faxing methods provide you seemingly picture perfect security service but the catch is that if someone is interfering in telephone lines your secret information could be breached.

What does it mean to fax via email:

Faxing via email is sending and receiving fax by using your email id and account. Procedure is typically the same with minimal difference which you will know later in this article. Email to fax and fax to email service adds a gimmicky effect to the bleak faxing method.

You need a gateway to convert this fax in disguise of email into analog signals if the recipient is still using a fax machine, because email is a digital platform. Online faxing services are the novel sources of doing this. 

Some Microsoft windows also have this print and scan feature built in but you still need to dedicate a telephone line to use this service and the whole process is not at all nifty.

CocoFax- the art-of-the-work service:

CocoFax is the snazzy online service for faxing. It facilitates you with the comfort of sending and receiving fax via email from your study table. If you are used to sending emails then faxing via Gmail is like a five-finger exercise. CocoFax ensures Google Fax Free service with few clicks.

Just sign up for the CocoFax monthly plan and start sending faxes. One thing you must have is the fax number. CocoFax provides it to you for free. You can use the CocoFax services free of cost for a limited time period. You can make it permanent if you like it by paying only a smidgeon of your money.

Send and Receive Fax via Email by Using Online Faxing Service

Different features of CocoFax:

Many online faxing services are available in the market but CocoFax is really a` la mode.  There is no need for a landline connection, fax machine, modem or toners. You can send and receive faxes from your email account by directly attaching the digital files from your PC. CocoFax keeps the record of all the faxes and you can read them on smartphone or laptop. Now send encrypted faxes by using the labour- saving faxing service.  CocoFax has made fax from email a cinch to do.

CocoFax saves your time by sending multiple files of different formats at the same time. CocoFax receives them; convert them into a single fax and send down to the recipient. It is economical and allows you to receive faxes 24/7 without the need of keeping your PC on. Along with email CocoFax allows you to do faxing via CocoFax dashboard and from Google drive.

Send and Receive Fax via Email by Using Online Faxing Service

How to fax via email by using CocoFax:

Make sure to follow the given steps correctly and start faxing via email.

Step 1: first and foremost you have to search for the official website of CocoFax. There you will see the free trial option. You can click on that to use the CocoFax free of cost for one month. After clicking on that a new window will open. Here you have to choose a fax number. You can choose a fax number from many categories like toll free number, local fax number and vanity number.

Send and Receive Fax via Email by Using Online Faxing Service

Now after confirming the fax number another window will open. Here you have to enter some personal information and email ID. On this email address you will receive your faxes from around the world. You can send faxes from this address too.

Send and Receive Fax via Email by Using Online Faxing Service

Step 2: once the signing up process is complete open your Gmail ID. Here you will see the option of ‘compose new email’. Click on that and a new window will open.

Step 3: in this new window you have to draft the fax. Different fields are present to make sure to fill in the mandatory fields.

To field: in this field you normally enter the email address of the recipient but for faxing you have to know the fax number of the recipient. Enter that number along with the suffix ‘’. So if the fax number is 123456 you will type  

Subject field: this field is not compulsory to fill in. if you want to add something in this field it will appear on the top of the fax.

Email body: this field is optional too. You can type a short message for the recipient here along with your fax number, telephone number of any other information.

Attachment: if your documents are in digital form you can directly attach them here. If not then you can scan them with a scanner or can take pictures with a smartphone to convert them into digital form.

With CocoFax you can attach multiple documents, CocoFax merge them to send a single fax and saves you from the hassle of sending multiple faxes. CocoFax supports various formats so you don’t have to convert every file into a specific format to send.

Step 4: Once you are done drafting a fax, you can review the fax whether every piece is in its place or not. Recheck the fax number because if that is not correct you fax will not be sent. Finally, click on the ‘send’ button.

Send and Receive Fax via Email by Using Online Faxing Service

On successful delivery you will get a confirmatory email in your inbox. Now you don’t have to call and confirm the delivery of fax. If the delivery fails check the fax number or the problem could be the phone lines or the recipient fax machine.

Send and Receive Fax via Email by Using Online Faxing Service

Receiving fax via email by using CocoFax:

Receiving fax is like receiving the email. Faxes will be received by the CocoFax and it will send them directly to your inbox. Now you can keep them safe for as long as you want. There are no multiple steps needed to receive the fax, all the work is done by CocoFax behind the scene. If the fax is in analog format CocoFax will convert it into a digital PDF file and save it for you in the inbox.

Send and Receive Fax via Email by Using Online Faxing Service


With CocoFax, faxing is like a piece of old tackie. You can send and receive faxes with just few clicks. CocoFax provides you a wide set of features which make it even more user-friendly. Its economical services won’t left you broke. Now you can easily send faxes via email and CocoFax will keep the record of all your faxes for the life of your account.

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