Stellar Repair For Access: A Great Solution For MS Access File Corruptions

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Database Corruption In Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is the database management system of Microsoft Corporation, which is widely used across the globe and is very popular among users. Microsoft Access consolidates relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine and a GUI along with innovative software development tools. Microsoft Access is used to hold humongous chunks of data, for different organizations, societies, etc. This database is accessed by engineers for different uses. Even though Microsoft Access is very carefully crafted, keeping in mind the important aspects, such as data security, data backup, restore, etc.., there are times, when the software just fails. In such instances, you may end up losing all your data, which is decidedly not a suitable scenario. Data loss due to database corruption can happen anytime to anybody. In that respect are various data loss scenarios, which can be directed by different methods, but here are about common data corruption scenarios for Microsoft Access. For repairing such mishaps, we need to take help of third-party repair applications, such as, Stellar Repair For Access.

Database Corruption Scenarios In Microsoft Access

At that place are mainly four types of database corruption scenarios:

Error with Compact and Repair: This feature is basically a utility that keeps the database working in the right order. As the database grows in size, compact and repair work accordingly, but things may not go as expected.  If the database becomes corrupt, Stellar Repair for Access can be used to repair these corrupted files.

Inconsistency in Access Database:

Sometimes, the Access Jet Engine may encounter inconsistencies in the data of the table. In that case, the user will be returned an error code 9505. The inbuilt utility may not be able to resolve the matter. In such a scenario, the wise decision is to deploy the Repair for Access application and resolve the inconsistency, in a blink of an eye.

Different data loss situations: There are several common corruptions, such as, binary file formats, security threats, software bugs, inconsistent versions, hardware failures, etc. Repair for Access can address all these issues quite well.

Unrecognized Database

Sometimes, the database cannot be acknowledged by your device. This is called the unrecognized database format error. The app can repair this type of issue as well.

Important Features of Stellar Repair For Access

As remarked before, Repair For Access is the one stop destination for solutions of all faults and corruptions related to database files of MS Access. If you want to know the main functions of the application in a nutshell, check out the points below:

1. Stellar Repair for Access is capable of repairing corrupted .ACCDB and .MDB files.

2. The application can repair a plethora of database components, such as, tables, queries, reports, forms, indexes, etc.

3. It can revert back all objects, which also includes deleted records to a completely new database.

4. It can recover Macros, Modules and Relational Database and can also recover password protected forms and modules of the database.

5. It is compatible with all major versions of MS Access.

6. The user interface is extremely well designed, with properly highlighted functions, which are used mostly by users. If a user is accustomed to database management system, then he/she will not face any difficulty while using this software. The application offers a keen level of freedom to its users during the repair and save functions.

For all the above mentioned reasons, we highly recommend the applications for MS access users.

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