BOXCRYPTOR a new security for your Cloud

BOXCRYPTOR - encrypt your Cloud Storage

With the increasing amount of information day by day we need more storage and cloud storage has become an integral part of our life especially in storing all important documents so that there is no fear of losing any data. So we depend on cloud storage in one way or

Yunio- A Cloud Storage Platform with 1TB free storage

Yunio- A Cloud Storage Platform with 1TB free storage

When it arrives to choosing a cloud storage offering, what is the nearly primary characteristic that you seek for? More storage space or enhanced security it is? As with all up-to-date technologies, cloud storage offerings are also slowly turning out to be more and more racy. While Dropbox might

Google boosts cloud security with automatic encryption

In an endeavor to ease privacy worries succeeding the of late PRISM revelations, Google has declared that it would automatically encipher all the data which has been uploaded in its cloud storage service. Under the modern service, the 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard will be enforced on all data already uploaded to

MyShoebox Launches Free and Unlimited Cloud Storage for Photos


MyShoeBox is a new service totally dedicated towards online photo storage and sharing of photos. It has already made a total splash in the market within a week after it has been launched a week ago. It's service is pretty easy to understand: unlimited and free online cloud storage for