Google boosts cloud security with automatic encryption

In an endeavor to ease privacy worries succeeding the of late PRISM revelations, Google has declared that it would automatically encipher all the data which has been uploaded in its cloud storage service.

Google boosts cloud security with automatic encryption

Under the modern service, the 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard will be enforced on all data already uploaded to Google’s Cloud storage service. Organizations like Ubisoft and DNAnexus which employ the incorporated service to store all the info including customers and developer data, will get the service free of cost without the requirement for setup or any such configuration as proposed by Google . The data will then be then be deciphered by an authorized user when he tried to access it.

“We acknowledge that privacy is significant to you and your customers. Our motto is to make your data secure as much harmless as possible,” Google product manager Dave Barth stated in a blog post prefacing the update. “If you demand for encryption for your own data, this service relieves you from the fuss and danger of dealing with your own encryption and decryption keys. We deal with the cryptographic keys on your behalf employing the same hardened key management systems that Google applies for our own encrypted data including the rigorous key access controls and auditing.”

Barth also added to his post and said that if the users want to provide their own encryption they are always welcome and free to do so. At the present scenario, only fresh data scripted to the Cloud Platform will be encrypted by Google which also includes existent files that are overwritten. The former files will step by step experience the encryption procedure in the upcoming months.

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