Camera mechanism that you may expect in iPhone 6

Camera Mechanism in IPhone 6

One of the greatest aspects of Smartphones is the camera. From naive users to gadget freaks camera is a point of attraction to all. Apple provided some real good fearures regarding camera in iPhone 4 in 2010 but if you compared to whats is available in Nokia Lumia 1020 or

Apple rumored to launch iPhone 6

Apple rumored to launch iPhone 6

No sooner does Apple launches an iPhone than rumors start speculating about its next versions. This time also a lot if news have been flying regarding launch date if iPhone 6. We hear that Apple may launch the phone in spring but we are not sure. If we are to believe the

Design of iPhone 6 ‘locked down’, claims analyst

Design of iPhone 6 'locked down,' claims analyst

This is surely not the first time that it has been stated that iPhone 6 is going on to have a much bigger display. Apple is at last anticipated to give in to market requirement, consumers are more and more heading onto towards smart phones that have bigger displays. Cowen