The Ultimate Guide to Boosting Wi-Fi Signals in Your Home

The Ultimate Guide to Boosting Wi-Fi Signals in Your Home

Are you frustrated with poor browsing speeds and never-ending buffering of your YouTube videos? Is your Wi-Fi signal strength not up to the mark? Well, you are probably not the only one struggling with this issue. 

Many people struggle with poor signal strength in their everyday life. However, that does not mean that one should get used to it and continue suffering. Fortunately, we have some neat tips and tricks that could help improve the Wi-Fi signal strength in your home in no time. Have a look at these surprisingly simple tactics that will free you of this problem forever. 

Relocate Your Router 

Probably the most basic tactic that you could go for is to relocate the Wi-Fi router in your home. A router helps you connect to the internet wirelessly, but it does have some limitations. 

Physical objects such as doors, walls, cupboards, and similar things can obstruct Wi-Fi signals. For optimum signal strength, you need to place router at a central location of your home. This would ensure that there are less dead zones and signals are distributed evenly. 

Kick Off Freeloaders 

Your Wi-Fi router must never become a public property that anybody can connect to whenever they wish. The more people connect to the same network, the less bandwidth will be for each individual user. 

Your internet connection offers a limited amount of bandwidth for you to enjoy. As users increase that bandwidth is divided among all users. By simply kicking off unwanted visitors from your network, you will be able to enjoy a much faster internet connection. 

Change Your Password 

Another useful strategy that should not be taken lightly is a custom password for your home internet network. Internet routers usually come with a default password, which is not that hard to crack by people with evil intentions. 

The first thing you should do when you get a new router is set a unique password that only the residents of the home know. This way only the people who are meant to enjoy this service will do. 

Update Router Firmware 

A Wi-Fi router often comes with a dedicated software that keeps track of router’s performance. Every now and then, developers release software updates that target potential shortcomings a router might have. 

It is highly recommended that you keep the firmware of the router updated at all times. Sometimes poor browsing speed or weak signal strength may be because of outdated firmware. 

Get a Wi-Fi Booster 

If you still not having any luck, we suggest that you opt for a Wi-Fi booster for your home. A Wi-Fi booster will enhance the current performance of your router and will let you enjoy higher ranges and better internet speeds. 

You can plug in a Wi-Fi booster somewhere between a router and a dead zone in your home. It will catch the original Wi-Fi signal and transmit it further into the dead zones of your home. 

Change Wi-Fi Channel 

All Wi-Fi routers come with different Wi-Fi channels that you could connect to. If you happen to live in a populated building this is something that you should definitely be aware of. 

Even if two people are connected to the internet with their own Wi-Fi routers but their channels are the same, chances are both signals will interfere with each other. Simply by switching Wi-Fi channel of your router, you are likely to experience a smoother internet. 

Upgrade Your Plan 

It is not necessary that your Wi-Fi signal is the only culprit behind slow speeds. Maybe your consumption has increased over the period and your current internet plan is not sufficient. It may be worthwhile to ask your service provider about the price of dedicated internet access, as this is a sure way to speed up your internet connection.

Subscribe to a new Service Provider 

If all else fails and you are desperate for a better internet experience, then it is probably time for you to change your internet service provider. You may have subscribed to the best internet service provider back in the day, but that does not mean that it is still the best one around. 

There are a number of new internet service providers delivering exceptional services. For instance, Optimum internet is proving to be a remarkable internet service provider for many across the US. And with its round-the-clock Servicio Al Cliento De Optimum, even the slightest inconvenience is resolved instantaneously. 

The Bottom Line 

The internet is a blessing that can turn into a curse if you do not have access to the desired signal strength or speed. Hopefully, the tips and tricks mentioned above would resolve your issues and let you enjoy a faster and more reliable internet. 

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